does anyone know who sherman paul is?


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Still no clue. I found Sherman Paul, apparently a literary critic and editor, and I found different references to a couple Paul Shermans. One P.S. is a professor at Cornell. Plus, I found some pretty interesting references to mole rats! :lol:

Maybe I'd better wait and google in the morning, after my brain fog clears. :lol: :lol:
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No clue who Sherman Paul is and I couldn't really find anything after a quick web search. I'll keep my eyes and ears posted and advise if I learn more.

Enjoy the group!


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Do you by any chance mean Sean Paul, the reggae/pop/club singer/rapper?

No ..... wait. It's coming to me, now. YOU'RE Sherman Paul, aren't you? Come on, 'fess up. Are you the literary critic or the college prof? :lol: :lol:

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DanceMentor said:
not a clue...could you give us a hint?
In Yahoo search . . . I punched in . . . dance sherman paul . . . believe it or not, it sent me to "Dance-Forums" Library :shock: . . . where is this Library at DM?

Anyway, it has a quote by Sherman Paul under Dance Quotes and Sayings . . ."To dance, above all, is to enter into the motions of life. Etc, etc, etc."


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Yes. I got the same stuff from google. I bet Sherman Paul is a friend of the guy who set up the dance quotes website. Hmm. Although maybe I should go back and look at page two or three of the google hits. There may be a reference down in the fine print somewhere.


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In my heart of hearts, I believe I'm getting closer. Sherman Paul was a Guggenheim Fellow in American Literature, 1963. I have yet to find where that famous quote came from, but I bet it's out there. :D


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Okay. I'm done with dear old Sherm.

He was a professor emeritus of literature at the University of Iowa. Died in 1995. Advised lots of students.(University) Presidential addresses. An endowed chair at U of Iowa. Lots of references to dance (as a metaphor) in his work. Wrote and edited many books and essays.

Anybody else (who's a google addict) have at it! :lol: :lol:

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