Does someone have Bailar, bailar by King Africa?


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Hello everyone,
this is my first post here:)
I am the president of a Latino Dancing Club at school and we are preparing to dance at the Christmas Concert. I was thinking to make two dances: merengue and cumbia (at least this is what I think it is called....).
For the cumbia, however, I need the song Bailar, bailar by King Africa. I tried to find it on the Internet, but I could not.
Please if anyone has it, send it to me! It will be of great help!!
Thank you so much in advance!
Keep dancing and have fun always:)
Smile :D


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Welcome!! :)

I don't have that song. Try out reposting your request in the salsa forum. Your request may be more fruitfull there.


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Hi smile! :D What a cool login name. 8) Welcome to the forums.

If no one comes forward to help you here (although it's likely someone will) try emailing the program director of XM satellite radio -- you can find the address easily online. He has been very helpful to me in the past, when I was looking for sources of music that's off the beaten track.


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Okay, so do you have a budget? Virgin megastore (where I often buy weird music :lol: ) has quite a few CD's by King Africa. I didn't see bailar, bailar. But I did see several listings for Bailando. Is it possible that's the title of the song you're looking for? If so, Virgin megastore has it on several different CD's, available new and used.

Hope this helps. :D


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