Donnie Burns/Nicole Hansen "Dance Clinic" Article


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I came across this article written in 2000 by someone who attended a Dance Clinic Donnie Burns and his wife did in Singapore.

A number of points were made in the article/review, which I think could apply to ANY dance, including my beloved salsa :wink:

An extract is below, with the corresponding link for the full article/review.

Another very important factor is "partnering." If a male dancer completely ignores his lady partner and vice versa, it is like doing the American Line Dancing. Forget about competitive ballroom dancing. Partnering is the essential ingredient in ballroom dancing. It is unique and it is irreplaceable - even by the best of digitalized model.

If a couple dances alone for more than 15 bars of the Samba or any other dances without touching one another, they better have their choreography changed. "Otherwise," Donnie stressed, " they will dance themselves out of the competition floor in the first round ! "

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