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Well I can think of one other type of dance, salsa, most types of dance that are covered here and dance forms offer the dancer a variety of types of music to listen to. I assume there may be some people who dance country who would argue the same point about country dancing.

But what I have found personally is overall I don't care for the music. So this sort of causes my interest to wane when it comes to country dancing.

I don't know if it just as a matter of people agreeing with me or the venue, but when I mentioned this to some of the ballroom dancers they have tended to agree with me, though not all the time. They sometimes play country Two Step at the social dance and definitely more people sit down. That may have something to do with the venue too.

So I guess one question I would have is whether or not there are some songs that are not at all country music yet are popular among country western dancers.


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This doesn't address your particular question, but I enjoy dancing to country music even though I would never play it just to listen to it. I have been known to complain about the lyrics during the dance, however.
Who knows... very doubtful but... maybe one day I will put on the clothes and go full cowboy. Extremely doubtful. If I did, it would be in the spirit of the Eagles or something of that nature. haha


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Like other genres, there's a wide variety in CW music. I'm not a huge fan, but some songs are quite danceable, even doing Smooth or VW.

I can 2-step, but for me it's more about the venues here than the music. They're not bad places, but they're just not my vibe and very little CW gets played at ballroom socials.

I will not be investing in a hat, boots and/or pearl-button shirt any time soon, not that many ppl at CW places do that anyway.


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To me, it's like pop music. I'm not a big fan of very much of it, but there are certain bits that are very good. And, yes, I'll dance to music that I wouldn't put on headphones to listen to. It's kind of how I felt about late-'70s disco: If it was on the radio, I'd usually change the station. But it was fine to dance to.

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are there
some songs that are not at all country music yet are popular among country western dancers
The only ones I can come up with are ones that people line dance to.

Well, except for some pretty old r&b songs for West Coast Swing.

not that many ppl at CW places do that
I have about a dozen western shirts, some of them fairly elaborate. I also wear Wranlgers, and boots that I had made about 10 years ago. I finally had to have them resoled. No hat for this guy. They are too warm to wear dancing.
Yeah, that's just me, but there are a few other guys who wear hats.
There is very little "western" music in the mix now a days, which is why a lot of people just do "country."


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Nah. Doesn't really do well in this climate without extensive watering and chemicals although everybody pushes it on homeowners.


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A lot of pop music has been country music the last decade or so. One of my favorite songs is a "country song," but I'm not a huge fan of the genre myself.

Dance Mentor made a good point by bringing up the popularity of country music for country dance. In Switzerland, in order to attract more young dancers to the country scene, they seem to be playing country like music but infusing it with trace, techno, eurobeat and this has actually gotten a lot more young dancers on the scene. However, I sometimes have having a lot of trouble adapting to that kind of rhythm .......
$wing - CB Buddy (2009?) CB Buddy of couse being a cover of 1755's classic original.

That is if you don't mind French country. Here is the youtube suffix: fQh6z7vrXPE

Of course what has happened in the United States is that Nashville uses the popular rhythm of the day so you have country overtop hiphop rhythms. Think Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line.
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