Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23

Apparently, this new show coming out will have James Van der Beek playing a spoofed version of himself and one of the subplots involves his character being on DWTS. Check it:

If you want to see a clip of him in a shiny tight shirt and wide legged pants, check out this post: and stop at 0:12

Apparently, dance is going to be a theme in the show.

Also, Karina is guest starring in it :-D


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I follow him on twitter, because he's actually rather amusing and self-deprecating. So I watched the show on Hulu. It's...alright. It's a sitcom, but done pretty well, and frankly, I enjoy him playing himself as a total creep more than the two "main" characters. However, he has definitely aged well, and I may just watch that DWTS-insipired ep to see him in that shiny shirt and tight pants.

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Pilot's ok (better than most...), but I'm a little concerned they might have done what 99% of all TV shows do and shot their wad in episode 1.
If the screen writers were actually any good and had ideas with some depth to them, that could have been stretched over an entire season.

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