Dreams Dreams Dreams… (Dream Thread Club!!!)

Excellent one this morning!

Was working on work in this old church hall... then some people came into the room so I ended up on this table on my back just chilling out...

Then this girl comes over and starts kissing me... I asked her for her name and she said "Samantha".
All of a sudden there was an audience to the side of me watching a theatre show! Where did all this come from?

Anyway I remember I was in amazement a girl would come over and kiss me without me even knowing her...

I woke up very happy half hanging out of bed, then mother asked me to mow the lawn! :(
Was it Samantha (Kim Cattrall) from "Sex and the City" by chance? ;)
I could not remember my dream upon waking. But I know it was lovely and I felt such well-being as I was dreaming, knowing I was dreaming. And I woke up feeling so blissful... You just have to love life! :)

Phil Owl

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On the 1960's Batman, The Joker and The Riddler teamed up, all I can remember is The Joker escaping on a tricycle and The Riddler making a getaway in one of those pedal powered kiddie cars. REALLY bizarre!
Had one this morning...

The local mob had locked me and several other people (didn't know who they were) up in some sort of airport warehouse.

Anywho, we found an axe and smashed the door window to try to break out. This didn't work as the mob just rushed in putting guns to our heads!

I had locked myself up in a chain/padlock round my neck - not sure why, but mob member got rather annoyed with this and I remember pleading not to shoot me :-?

So, they pulled us out of this warehouse in all the comotion and I somehow broke free!

Ran down some stairs, could see all these tommy guns behind me... saw a beautiful air hostess. She looked at me and smiled. I thought in my head that I can't run away from her!

So, I went back - mob closing in, so I grabbed hold of her and kissed her red lipstick'd lips. She didn't pull back. Then saw mob member over me and he knocked me out :(

Woke upto alarm clock :cool: Unfortunetly the air hostess hadn't materialised from my dream into bed :(


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I just had a dream where I was reunited with my former Instructor. I ran to him and cried like hell. We embrace for a moment and thats when I woke up. I found my eyes a little wet too when I woke up. It felt so real :(


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This morning I dreamt that I was in the luxury hotel adjacent to a far-away airport (JFK, for example) about to depart for an East Asian holiday with friends, when I realized that I'd left my passport on the tour bus that brought our group to the airport.

I was online, furiously looking for the tour bus company and international courier services, when DS woke me up. For once, I'm glad he did. Nightmares can feel so real.


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I dreamed I was ice skating on perfectly smooth ice. The joy! One of my favorite dreams.
I dreamed I was landing backwards, on my toe pick, which I could feel, then I realized I don't have toe picks on my dance blades.
Dreams are like free movies that we get to see at night. How I look forward to them! And so many of them I wish could last forever--feeling so sublime upon waking. Wistfully saying, "Wow, it was 'only' a dream!"

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