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Phil Owl

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Related to the beautiful events of the past few days.

This dream actually dates back to the mid 1980's and I still remember it very well.

I am out in the country on a summer day, in a field having a picnic with a very pretty lady and of course we're both madly passionate in love, cuddling and all, later dancing together.

But here's the trippy thing, the girl in this dream looked EXACTLY like the beautiful lady I have just now fallen in love with in real life!


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I had the worst dream last night and I feel the need to share it.

I was at a competition, dancing in my new dress. I finish dancing, everything's great, I go to take of my dress, and as I take it off, all of the stones fall off. Stones are everywhere on the floor, I'm crying, and my dress looks naked. This is the stuff of nightmares. (If you've never stoned a dress this this might not sound as bad to you, but I'm guessing that those of you that have understand completely.)

Phil Owl

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Weird dream #8835: Takes place in an episode of "All In The Family", Edith is over the moon about getting 5th row tickets to see Rush with Frank and Irene Lorenzo. Archie of course is perturbed that "dingbat" is getting even more dingbatty when she starts tying to decipher the lyrics to nearly EVERY Rush song, spending more time in the basement with the record player than with him, you can kind of see where this is going------


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every single night I used to have a dance-related dream. not any more. I think I know why. the obsession is fading away and real needs seem to step in my psyche. dance is evolving; not any more an escape from real life;dance is becoming a thing just like every other in my everyday life. it's not a dreamworld, outside of this world. it's coming down to earth.


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I forgot this thread existed. Thanks for bringing it back up, Chomsky :D

I have such weird dreams, but I can't really remember any.
me too; I have two dreams which repeat in varying forms; canals rivers and water

AND being at a railway station in London and searching for the platform ( at different levels) that I'm meant to be on...

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