Dress pants or slacks for men of dancer build

I have a pretty common latin dancer shape, 28 inch waist with thickish thighs, and have always had a tough time finding work pants that fit comfortably. Most of my pants are either too loose around the waist or too tight around my thighs.

I see lots of other dancer guys my shape. What do you guys usually do for normal dress pants or slacks?


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Semi serious response: You could try women's jeans... ;)

An ex dance partner of mine used to have to wear them. He used to buy more unisex ones from Macy's & Nordstrom.


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Try companies that market to cross-fitters, bodybuilders and other athletes. They're cut slim through the waist and more generously through the glutes and thighs.

I've heard of the following from the guys at the gym (more on the casual side):
  • Barbell Apparel
  • Old Navy Athletic or Loose Fits
  • Fran Denim
  • Levi's 511 Athletic Fit
  • Hot Bodz Classic Bodybuilder Dress Pant

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