DWTS 3 - Week 2 - SPOILERS

How many of the women had wigs or hairpieces on? I couldn't even pick out Edyta...I take it she had the legwarmers on? Cheryl was probably the most identifiable for me. But, I wasn't seeing it on a big screen....

I wonder what Billy Idol must think .... a group of dancers jiving to his 80's punk!

Oh wow. You think that some had wigs on? I never even thought of that. I was sure about hair extensions etc. but not wigs. Wow... how can you tell? :p


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I don't want to fan the flames too much here, but I would like to point out a few things. I taped the show on Tuesday since I had a lesson. I just re-watched it and took note of the counter time on the VCR. Mario and Karina were in dance hold 41 out of 90 seconds. Joey and Edyta were in dance hold 51 out of 90 seconds (including the multiple pivots where he released one arm). Do the math. Both couples used non-syllabus steps. *Both* Mario and Karina admitted to knowing they were taking a risk, but were not specific about exactly what they were referring to. Perhaps this has been clarified since then, but for that particular show they really only spoke of stepping too far beyond the traditional QS.

Over and out. Now play nice! :p

Oh yeah, I thought I remembered reading somewhere (here? TV guide?) that at some point they'll all have to dance the same routine. That ought to level the playing field a bit.


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Oh yeah, I thought I remembered reading somewhere (here? TV guide?) that at some point they'll all have to dance the same routine. That ought to level the playing field a bit.
While they're leveling, I hope it's one standard/smooth and one latin/rhythm to really level it
The hubby and I were laughing about which old singers we'd want to hear perform classic rock songs on DwtS. What dance would be best suited to Kenny Rogers singing 'Hot Blooded?'
It would be a Country Western dance probably lol. I haven't heard of it. But the one song that I do like of Kenny's is that rose song where he talks about buying her a rose etc. It's really pretty, and you could do a Country Waltz to it! I'm surprised they didn't bring in Country just cause that's what Sara sings!


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I did a couple of student showcases to Enrique songs, one to "Escape" and the other to "California Callin'." Both were Cha Chas and great fun but difficult to learn because I kept going into dreamland with Enrique.


I know. I *love* that song Hero. REally, there's not much that he sings that I find offensive.
Yep....I could just see doing jive in it....can you hear the sound of shredding fabric from there?
Cheryl's dress style remains in fashion after many years, though it's mostly professionals who wear it. It needs an advanced dancer who knows how to move her body, not relying on the artificial movement created by the dress itself (I actually like this style, on a body with curves). And yes you can do jive in it :) The girl will usually pull up the tail and pin it to the hip, or just tie it up to make it shorter. You see that a lot.


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me too. I have known the man - Jordi Caballero -- for years, even danced with him for a bit. He has great facility, but no technique or any interest in learning any. WHen I knew him, he was really aiming for an acting career. Very sweet guy.
Hmmm ... I can see it now ... a guy with some AT experience booting around hollywood looking to be an actor ... someone at the studio recalls this guys resume and they give him a shot at showcasing AT ... he of course says yes, (who wouldn't?) ... but once again it comes back to the T.V. folks not doing their homework and making a bad choice.

What a bummer for AT. :roll:

(DP, yes, yes, we know your opinion already. :roll:)

Ayuh, and maybe the studio will get it right next time?

(I don't know DP, that could be expecting a bit much. ;) )


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Karina - what can I say? She's super star and can carry off an "illegally" choreographed quickstep anytime. I think it was a clever and strategic move because she KNOWS that the general voting audience would eat that stuff up.
Well ... it didn't slip past the judges and I'm glad they mentioned it.

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