DWTS II - Week 5


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SDsalsaguy said:
Hey Beto, I thought you'd said you were going to be out and recording... :wink:
I am getting ready. VCR's been recording since 8 and I shut it off at 8:30. Check you peeps later :D
imagine what the aliens are thinking of our native culture as they watch this show. orange white people in flourescent rhinestone dresses and very tight pants, and an orange white washed up pop star "singing" nearly consistently offkey - for applause.
edyta should not wear that yellow thing on her head. it looks like a thing you put on your hair ot keep it out of your face when you put on a clay mask.

love tia's half-braided 'do at the moment, i must say.
commentator: "max what was your favorite moment with tia?"

max: "when i walked in and saw her and we had the first five minutes of practice and i realized that the problems i had in my life were NOTHING compared to..."

commentator: "tia's??"

max: " .'

this is why they don't let the pros near the microphones.
So what did they announce as the dances for next week (A west coaster just has to know)

p.s. it is MOST aggravating that the judges served Tia up to be kicked out with their last place score. Hmph. Oh well.
GJB said:
I figured that George would be saved by the old fogie vote.
He was also saved by those three 8's he got. :? That put George far enough ahead of Tia that she had to get a ton of votes to overcome him.


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I thought there were a few not-quite-ready dancers this week, and Tia was one of them. So I was prepared for whatever happened ... well. The judges' scores last night were a bit erratic, IMO. *shrug*
I really enjoyed Cherryl's and Louis' samba tonight!!! For a ballroom dancer, she was so natural and she really had genuine fun doing it, that makes all the difference in my opinion.

But I am so sa-had :cry: that Tia and Max are out! I love George but it really was time for HIM to go this time. I had the impression, though, Tia was expecting it and in a way was relieved, too. She had accomplished more for herself than she had ever expected and she was very happy about that. I will miss seeing them perform, though! I downloaded their tango and I can always watch it whenever I feel like it! Nobody can take that away from us! For a moment I was hoping they would let them dance their tango again tonight, Max started dancing the routine but it was kind of impossible to that BM song.

I like Jerry very much and would be sad for him to be out, however, I thought Tia danced better than him when I saw his samba again tonight. He certainly improved a lot and he practiced a lot, did his steps well, but his moves were far from being Latin or samba-like.
OK, West Coast finally finished the program :)

That samba by Louis & Cheryl just rocked!!!! Totally entertaining, full of power & speed! Even Barry Manilow couldn't help but keep looking at them & kinda forgot to carry on his singing!

Now, 2 weeks ago, we had the very gracious departure of Giselle. This week, we had a more cheerful but also very sentimental departure of Tia. She made it so lighthearted which was great. She complimented all her competitors so well - even said they're better dancers. Max was cute, just way too cute with his comments, not only the last comment but the one w/ he couldn't care less and Len could go back to London!

I hope w/ this show, Tia can make her way back to spotlight. She's very beautiful & talented.

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