DWTS II - Week 6


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yes, that was very ungracious of me...but you have to admit, you have been indisposed for quite some time dear....and well, I am a bit high maintainence...but am sorry for questioning your motives:kissme: will try to do better in the future...I am a bit out of practice these days:rolleyes:


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I forgive you my dear. ;)

My level of flirting my have been reduced here, but flirting with my SO is keeping me very joyfully preoccupied recently. :D

And thus I'm far from being out of practice. :lol:


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mamboqueen said:
i'm confused by your sig line....of course, i'm confused by a lot these days. the date....2/19/06...has not yet happened :shock:
:headwall: Yes, I now see that. I corrected it here and on other forums I'm on. Thanks for catching that. :oops:
People may have already started thinking about Week 7, but I'll finally chime in since I didn't get to see most of the Thursday/Friday shows live. I did check out Raphael Pungin's website this weekend, though.

First of all, I'll say that I think Lisa is annoying, irritating, and downright unpleasant to watch before and after her dances.....but her actual dance performances have gotten better and better each week -- and her Quickstep was EXCELLENT! I watched her feet the entire time and she was onbeat, never missed a step, and to finish it with a run up the stairs in her heels was just remarkable! She deserved a 10. Any qualms about the speed of the music/routine (mentioned earlier in this thread) are a choreograpy issue in my opinion, but she did what she was asked to do and did it extremely well.

Drew was also very good, and I would give him a 9.5, if half-points were allowed.

Stacy's solo work in the Jive was just phenomenal -- worthy of a 10 -- but her partner work was a bit weaker, so I would have given her a 9 overall.

Jerry was good, but he's up against some strong competition. I would say 7.5 for him. By the way, I don't think I've ever seen any person on the show in the last two seasons ever look as pissed as Anna did after they got their scores this week! She had to be flabbergasted (as I was), that Jerry still couldn't score higher than George with the judges.

George was the same old George -- all face and arms, but very little feet and legs. In other words, mostly acting and not much dancing. He deserved a 5.5 or a 6.

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