DWTS Season 10--Cast Changes, celeb rumors?


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It's bad enough when a reality show gives someone their 15 minutes of fame. I'm really tired of other reality shows turning their 15 minutes into 30 or an hour.
What really gripes me is in most of the announcement coverage, pictures of Kate are shown as if she's so important, but Buzz Aldrin is lucky to get a mention.

Was on a reality show or went to the moon - which is more important in human events?:mad:
I read that Paula Abdul was offered $1 million to be on the next installment of DWTS. But she or someone else decided that she would have an unfair advantage, given that she has been a professional choreographer...


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my money is on nicole
"Pretty"-girl backlash (quotes because I don't think she's pretty from the practice pics I saw.) Also Evan's got a big advantange of not only being literally just WEEKS from an Olympic gold medal but having gotten more publicity because of the sulky childish behavior of the silver medalist and how graciously Evan's been handling it. And I think there's a fair amount of overlap between skating and dance fans.

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