DWTS Season 10--Cast Changes, celeb rumors?


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Well, if Kate meant Johnny skipped it and they got Evan instead I'll take it (though I think they're exagerating that he dropped it just because of her--Evan's the marquee name right now between winning gold and being a gentleman while Plushenko was a total brat.) The original interview I saw had nothing about him passing on DWTS because of it, just an old interview about his cousins living near the Gosslein's old home in PA and what a nightmare it was, plus her pulling a complete diva act at a charity skating event he performed in. Let me put it this way, one of the Real Housewives of NYC came off looking much more gracious and mature than she did.

Kate off first! (Sorry, Tony, love ya but...)

I'm voting for Buzz and Evan until it comes down to it, then Evan FTW. (Yep. Totally biased. But for once they have celebrities where I actually care--the last time that happened was Ty.)

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