DWTS Season 10 - Week 1

oh goodness, I would miss the Bergeron lines!! He might be the only reason I watch the judges commentary. Sometimes the judges are funny (whether they intend to be or whether I am just laughing at them), but it is all about The Bergeron for me.


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hahaha I love Tom too. He truly is priceless. I never want to see him leave the show before its over.

Also, I think they were a little harsh on Aiden Turner... or maybe I was just distracted by his charm and good looks. :wink: I think they were a bit harder on him because he was right after their "OMG NICOLE!" high.
Not on the subject, but, please help.

I know this is off the subject here, but, I miss Jonathan Roberts, one of the most disadvantaged instructors on DWTS. I went to his web site, jonathanrobertsdancer.com... and in the background is this really great TANGO music. By any chance does anyone here know the name of the piece of music. I am also trying to find a recording of the new Masterpiece Mystery theme song, another NEW great Tango. Thank you all, Pirate Smith
Yes! Tom Bergeron makes the show complete. He's a treasure.

I just saw that he and some of the dancers and judges will be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire starting tomorrow. Looks like fun!

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