DWTS Season 10 - Week 2


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Am I the only one that thinks that the show can put us "regular" pro am dancers in a negative light? We all work so hard several hours a week to learn several dance styles whereas the "stars", who often have dance/athletic/performance experience get to have non stop private lessons for one week to focus on one or two routines. I constantly have nondancing people asking me "well, can you do that move?" when they see a star do a "trick" on the show. And of course I try to explain that they are really learning a routine not how to do the dance per se. It kind of negates the hard work we do learning the syllabi for every dance and trying to be technically correct.


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I don't think it puts us in a bad light, but neither do I care to answer questions like that or discuss the differences or expect people who don't have the ability to grasp the differentiation...basically, I just dislike having to talk about the show at all...and yet, am asked about it...daily...I just try to be brief and move on

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