DWTS Season 10 - Week 3


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Just read on ABC message boards that Evan and Anna have the encore tonight. Yippee!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
Good as I missed it last night.

Just checked Tom Bergeron's Twitter but didn't see anything about the bottom 2. Though there is a picture of him and Reba McEntire from rehearsals for tonight's show.
Tom Bergeron's most recent tweet:

"Another bottom 2 surprise tonight on DWTS."

hmmmmmm.... GULP!!! I guess that means we get to watch Kate embarrass herself another week!!
what the freak??? how did Kate escape the bottom two again?!?!?!?!?!?!

I mean Buzz is not a good dancer, but he seems to be enjoying himself more than Kate... he is a more likable person than Kate...

What the heck is wrong with America!!!!


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I am not currently watching, so should probably get out of here before I see a spoiler, but wanted to say


Great choreographer, great teacher, and hit just the right note politically. Quiet insistence that it would be the right thing to do, to let all people marry--YES.
Connecting their dance to Loving vs. Virginia = brilliant.
His posture is also surprisingly erect.

true... he is in remarkably good shape for someone his age. I am sad to see him go, but you knew it was coming any time in the next few weeks.

seriously though, an orangutan in heels would look more coordinated out there than Kate Gosselin.
I was also surprised and saddened to see Buzz go. I think he is a great inspiration to seniors and my kids loved him. I did think his performance this week was better than Kate's.


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seriously who is voting for Kate? :/
She must must have a lot of fans from Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Or, Tony has a lot of fans. Either way, a lot of folks must be voting for her since she's avoided the bottom two the first two eliminations.
Ditto to all the comments about Kate... I knew Buzz wouldn't last but so long; yet he was a pleasure...respectful, serious, and just an all around nice guy... a true gentleman.

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