DWTS Season 10 - Week 4

This weeks dances are:

Pamela & Damian- Rumba
Erin & Maksim - Tango
Kate & Tony - Tango
Evan & Anna - Tango
Niecy & Louis - Rumba
Chad & Cheryl - Rumba
Jake & Chelsie - Tango
Nicole & Derek - Rumba
Aiden & Edyta - Rumba

So, I understand they will get two scores from the judges this week, one for presentation and one for technique. Should be very interesting.


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I actually think this is a great idea, although it will likely slow things down.

This will help solve the situations like Len tends to point out. - It was a great performance, but your footwork was awful.


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What I wonder is if Bruno and CAI are allowed to contribute to the technical score, since neither has a clue.
wow the judges were WAY harsh on Niecey... I thought her rumba was better than that. They could have mentioned that she was not leading with her toes, but the rest of their commentary was a little too harsh. I hope she does not get voted off as I like her and Louis' relationship and I like her personality.

*EDIT* they are harsh on everybody tonight. Nicole looked really POed.


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Does anyone have a phone number or an email address I can use to request that Brooke Burke stop talking about herself and her previous partnership withDerek?

Crikey, I am so tired of hearing her talk about herself.
While Brooke isn't as awkward as she was the first week, she is still not the greatest host. And I agree, that she needs to stop talking about her past run on DWTS. Lady, let the others have their go!!!!
Kate looked pretty this week... the hair and makeup people were kind to her. And, I agree that the tango was infinitely better than her previous disasters.

That being said, I am worried that the judges were so kind to her.... I am REALLY hoping that she goes home tomorrow!!!!

*EDIT* an 8 was much too high for Chad's technical score!!!!

*EDIT AGAIN* was it just me or was Pamela off time a couple times during the rumba... I was surprised that the judges didn't mention it so maybe I was just seeing things haha.

On the whole, what do you guys think of this double scoring business? I kinda like it....
I quite like the double scoring. Pamela and Chad were overscored. Niecy was underscored. How can you not love the messages that they bring to the dance floor each week. As much as I despise Kate and her dancing, I have to admit that she improved.
hahah i agree with brooke talking about her dwts run...annoying. nicole & derek goofing around reminds me of me & my coach alot...haha! & kate did improve i was shocked!
Though Kate did improve I am really tired of her "poor me *whine* *whine*" schtick in every rehearsal clip.... Honestly, no one cares and it's annoying. It is not making me like her any more and Tony looked like he would rather play with a disgruntled tarantula than listen to any more whining from Kate.


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Oh my goodness! Kate's life is on tv! However could that have happened?? Poor thing, I can't imagine how that could have been prevented!!

In the line to the cashier, Kate and Tony were on the cover of a magazine (Us or People. The tabloids just can't stay away from these train wrecks like Kate...

this is just depressing.... soon she'll have lasted longer than Woz, who was just as bad but had the most inspiring positive attitude ever. Plus, he was dancing with Karina.. I just remember how he would have a smile on his face during every rehearsal clip, performance, and would still be smiling while the judges told him how much he sucked at dancing. I wanted to give him a hug whenever he'd say in the interviews that it was the most fun he'd ever had in his life. Kate, I just want to slap. Tony deserves an award for his patience, because I would have lost it long ago. She is just lucky she didn't get Maks for a partner because he would have destroyed her. That actually would have made for some good TV.


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I too am very tired of Kate's "poor me" attitude and think it's past time for her to go.
I sat there in shock last night when she talked about her custody battle. It must be a wonderful thing to go through life and never think you've done anything wrong. I don't care how much she tries at dancing in this contest, I think she's just gross.

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