DWTS Season 10 - Week 4

Oh and during this week's results show, I HATED both the pro performances. What was with Kim and Dimitry trying to look like Maks and Karina from Burn the Floor??? I'm a huge Kim fan but...something was just off.


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Finally got to watch this week's shows and here are my $0.02:

Evan was pretty fab and i really enjoy watching him. i agree that his footwork got better but i wish the judges had told him to watch his right arm in frame - sometimes it got a little saggy... although i am unsure if it is because of the height difference between him and anna.

Ugh, Erin is starting to look like another Joanna. IDK where Len comes off saying her frame was good at times because it was pretty bad the whole way thru, and she missed a lot of heel leads. if my memory is correct, i was surprised she received better technique scores than performance.

i agree Chad had a solid run this week but i am still trying to decide if he was overscored (it is hard to tell since i feel like the judges are inconsistent with everyone).

I think nicole needs to get over herself. quite frankly i think she was taken aback that the judges didnt praise her as much as they normally do. there is no need to cry - it's funny that Aaron got so much crap for that last season and she hasnt gotten any. double standard IMO

i thought Jake improved and i was really impressed - he was nailing that tango until he slipped up. i dont think the judges should have penalized him as much as they did - he slipped while trying to do a heel lead!

I do think Kate did a lot better this week and to be honest i am happy for her. i agree that she can have drama fits but to be honest, i think i would be bitter too if i were her and ppl talked about me the way ppl talk about her. i really hope she continues in this direction and finds joy through dancing. and i agree that she looked pretty.

Pam did fairly well this week, i agree. although i do think she was a pit overscored (she never straightened her legs). but she needs to stop making everything into an innuendo in the celebrequarium. its getting old. but i really do enjoy watching her dancing and the rehearsal packages.

dont really have much of an opinion on niecy.

i feel bad for aiden. i think he really wanted to have a breakthru.

and i whole heartedly agree that brooke needs to stop talking about the "has been" days. LOL

sorry for the long post! i have been waiting a while to do it! :)

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