DWTS season 19


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Maks does nothing for me.....personally I feel that anyone that has a sibling as a pro on the show, should not be asked to judge....
It is a bit more than a little conflict of interest. And it can go either way. The judge will either favor the sibling or go out of their way to underscore trying to prove they're not favoring him.


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I mean, it might be one thing if the judges realized that paddles below six existed early on and eights later on, but the scores are already so clustered that the audience vote is all that really matters.


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They do contemporary not modern. There is a difference. Tho is belongs on sytycd not dwts
I would be interested too. As a college "modern" dancer, (think Martha Grahm, Isadora Duncan, "I'm a rock, I'm a tree" style, etc. as the stereotype) we knew that they had renamed our genre to be known as "contemporary" when it came to SYTYCD.

If you are thinking of "modern" as it's referenced sometimes in ballroom, I can see where you are coming from.

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