DWTS season 19


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If it were up to me, Alfonzo for the win, Janel 2nd, and then for me it is a complete toss-up between Sadie and Bethany. It will likely come down to who has the best free style, and I have to give the edge to Derek there. Last night I thought Sadie's first dance was better than Bethany's first dance, and then I thought Bethany's second dance was better than Sadie's second dance. Shrug...who knows? It will be disappointing if Alfonzo doesn't win though.


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Alfonso and Witney are apparently being coy about the possibility of their doing tap for their freestyle. That would be pretty danged awesome in and of itself, and would have the bonus of potentially helping him work around his injury.

I will say that if they don't win it, I think I'm going to want an All-Stars 2 season pretty much specifically to give him another chance at winning after he's had a chance to heal up.
I think I'm going to be devastated if Alfonso and Whitney don't win. I would love to see Alfonso do tap for their freestyle as well.

I know Val has a large fan base, but can that compete with Bethany's 7 million youtube fans? I think Derek will ultimately have the edge over Val in the freestyle because I think he is the better choreographer. I've actually become a big fan of Sadie's. I think I've watched one episode of Duck Dynasty by accident when I had insomnia so I really knew nothing about her. I'd like to see her one of the final 3.

And, yes it was time for him to go, but I was cheering for Tommy last night. Freaking 76 years old!!!
I will be disappointed if Alfonso doesn't win because I think his performances over the whole season have been consistently the best, but if they give it to Janel I won't be completely heartbroken. I will be, though, if they give it to either Bethany or Sadie. Out of the whole lot, they definitely deserve to be in the finals, but I don't think they deserve to win.


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I also would like to see Alfonso win and Janel second. Really, I love both of them. I also think both of them have been given challenging choreo week after week. The same cannot be said of all the competitors.

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I made the right call to watch Gotham instead of the 1st hour.
Please, please, no more Argentine Tango!
They really don't know the dance well enough (except maybe Derek) to do it justice.
Hey, did I miss the guy who used to announce, "and now so and so and so and so doing the ArgentIne Tango?"
Maybe next they'll ruin one of my other favorite dances, West Coast Swing.

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