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I'm reasonably ok with Bethany going home (and my having been wrong about her followers keeping her in). The remaining female stars were lumped pretty closely together at this point for me, so there was a certain measure of six of one, half dozen of the other. As far as Alfonso goes, it's probably a good thing that I accepted the presence and value of ringers a while ago. For a "star", his foot speed is just sick. He's a joy to watch though, both because he can actually bring it on the dances and because he seems like one of the best people the show's had.
I was very happy to see Alfonso win. He was my favorite since his first dance and I actually thought he might get voted out early because Whitney didn't have the fan base of Derek, Mark and Val. Can't wait to see him live on tour! (I haven't seen him since he was the Tap Dance kid when I was a kid! :D)
I just had a chance to watch the Freestyle. Did anyone notice Alfonso's tap movements did not correspond to the tap sounds, esp in the third bar of his solo. His actual tapping was single taps and the sounds were double. Maybe Whitney was tapping off to the side, but I think they were not even wearing tap shoes during the live show. Now, his tapping was pretty good, but it makes me wonder if tap sounds were dubbed. PS I do like her choreography.

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DanceSpirit has a cover story on Witney this month. The article includes a review of SYTYCD to DWTS transplants.

Regarding the taps...
Didn't notice it, but years ago when River Dance et al was big I noticed that there was tapping and leaping occurring simultaneously. My friend thought I was crazy. Later, it turned into something embarrassing for the production when someone admitted that, yes, the tapping sounds weren't from the taps.


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Tap sounds might have been dubbed, or it's a time lag. I have noticed even with "live" TV there is a sound/video difference. (Yes, I probably pay way too close attention to these things. What can I say.)
DanceSpirit has a cover story on Witney this month. The article includes a review of SYTYCD to DWTS transplants.
I just finished reading the article. I'd always been impressed with Witney's choreography. One thing I didn't realize was that her "dance-sister" Lindsay Arnold choreographs most of the commercial break routines. I'd like to see more of Lindsay and her choreography in the main part of the show, rather than just as a troupe dancer. Another surprise to me was this quote from Witney on her teaching experience prior to DWTS: "I’d never really taught before".

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