DWTS Season 20


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It's that time again!
The pros for next season were announced- I am happy with the list, except for Allison Holker returning. Glad they gave Artem another shot, and surprised but happy that Kym is coming back. Sad that Karina is done with the show.


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Two more males to be announced later glad kym is back but it's all about shhhhhaaarrrrnnaaaaa:kiss::inlove:
Yay!!! Kym came back! But it's also great to see my other favorites, Emma and Sharna (I still need to get a dance from Sharna:D)

I would love to see Tristan come back across the pond for this season.


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I totally agree Maggie. Jonathan, while he obviously couldn't have won, was definitely better than he was given credit for and needed someone who knew what she was doing.
Glad to see I wasn't the only one disappointed at seeing Allison returning. I'm thrilled to see Kym back! Glad Artem is getting a second chance as well. I was a fan of Keo so if they are announcing two more male pros, I'd like to see Tristan and wouldn't mind seeing Louis van Amstel back.


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I don't think Louis is coming back.
I personally would love to see Dmitry Chaplin back- a sweet guy and a hottie, but obviously did not generate enough controversy. On the subject of controversy, I am SO glad Maks is not back. But I am happy Tony is back.
Edited to add- I never got the Tristan love....so it's ok with me if he's not back....


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Kym Johnson was previously a judge on Aussie DWTS...wondering if she'll be back on there this year if/when it starts up again, or whether they'll find a new judge.


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I just wish DWTS would release an android app, so I don't actually have to watch the crappy show to keep up with it. Glad Maks, his arrogance, and his Botox aren't coming back.


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I can't answer for anyone else, but I got to meet and speak with Tristan a few different times. The last time, he saw me first and came up to say hi. He's just a very pleasant person, in my experience.
We worked for the same studio in Boston. He's just a fun, nice guy. And I think people like the accent (to the point they did an SC-style "Dance Center" bumper poking fun at the Irish way of saying "three", ie, 't'ree".)


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I believe davedove and I were just explaining why so many women do. (I don't; case of 'not my type' before he was a celeb, but heck, there were students even then.) He's just got that kind of personality.


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Re-iterating what everyone else has said....I have NO idea why Allison is back. I was embarrassed for her more than a few times last season.

No Cheryl either :( But I'm pleased that Artem is back and I LOVE that Kym is back!

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