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YES! He actually does have more Latin experience than Allison!!
They said he competed professionally, but is there any Pro Junior?

MaggieMoves, actual ballroom/latin experience is different than other dance experience. I guess there were one or two with a little ballroom experience, now that I think of it.


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Meryl took ballroom, though she didn't concentrate as hard on technique as styling since the footwork doesn't transfer to skates. The girl from Wonder Years takes ballroom lessons and still does, I think. Then there was Jennifer Grey, who obviously had partner-dance experience, though not recently.


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Riker was the subject of extensive argument on the ABC boards concerning his experience or lack thereof. For some reason, people are convinced that in order to compete, you must be a professional and spend extensive time and money training before you are allowed to compete. Therefore, in some minds, he is a professional and was hiding his extensive dance prowess. Also, the fact that he coincidentally competed against current DWTS pros as children means he is one (a pro, not a child haha). Here is what someone posted from the Dancesport website showing how it actually went down:

-According to the info supplied by Dancesport, Riker and his sister only started dancing with each other in October of 2006.
-In November 2006, one month later, they entered a Utah Latin competition and competed in two events. One of these events was the Junior Latin Championships and Lindsay took first place while Witney took 5th. Riker is listed as last, in 20th place.
-Riker and Lindsay also competed in the Youth Latin Championships at that same meet. Lindsay came in 9th and Riker came in 16th.
-In December 2006, Riker and his sister entered three events in a Las Vegas competition.
-He tied with another couple in the novice Latin category. There are only seven couples listed as being competitors, all apparently newbies.
-They also competed in the Latin Junior Pre-championships. Only seven couples are listed and it looks like he came in 6th. Lindsay Arnold came in 2nd.
-Finally he competed in the Junior Latin at that same event. Lindsay came in 4th and Riker came in 11th, and only 12 couples are listed.
-Dance Sport has them listed as not competing again since that time.


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Dance experience is dance experience...regardless of whether it is ballroom or ballet or contemporary...etc, etc. whenever I see someone with a solid dance background, they usually do very well in ballroom..whether on DWTS or on the ProAm floor. Good dancing is good dancing...and can be translated across the different styles, as SYTYCD clearly demonstrated.


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Yeah, I tried to convince people on another board that there wasn't any sort of a point-in system for the proficiency levels, but some people kept insisting that since they competed in champ, they must have advanced through the syllabus levels and novice and prechamp. (Going so far as to quote the USA Dance rulebook. I tried to explain the difference in sanctioning bodies.) As is, without video, those results don't really say much in terms of their skill floor. As is, I find it entirely plausible that they may have only worked on their dancing for a relatively brief time before deciding that it simply wasn't their thing.
It seems that if somebody with physical disability is on DWTS, he/she is guaranteed the finals. It would be more justifiable to have separate show for Special Olympics based on emotional support of all the viewers.

This show is becoming too manipulative. It is not fair at all.


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I did tear up when Len gave out his last paddle-'a 10 from Len'. Why couldn't Carrie Ann have gone instead?

And I could not stand that dance to Sia, whoever the heck she is.

I expected Rumer to win, but was pulling for Riker all along.
I expected Rumer to win, but was pulling for Riker all along.
So I'm not crazy. She's a perfectly lovely girl, but it was insane to me how much Rumer was "helped", which is why I'm not happy she won. I didn't even EVER watch the judges' critiques and I still saw it. But whatevs, this been going on with the show for years now.

Riker was really a surprise for me. I thought in the beginning that as a boy band member, he was going to be such a tool. I was so wrong; he was very sweet and an absolute charmer all season. I'm gonna try to look on the upside and say, at least I got to watch him dance for ten weeks, and I saw something different from him every time. And I was actually very impressed by Allison, and they had a wonderful partnership. And this'll probably never happen for her again. Good on them both.
Riker really grew on me and I was rooting for him, too. But I expected Rumer to win.

I loved Riker's enthusiastic and fun performances, especially his freestyle. That was soooo beautiful! And he looked soooo charming in that white tuxedo and top hat!!! Absolutely adorable!!!


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I'm actually surprised that Noah didn't win, especially after last week. Val I kind of thought would win from early on, let's face it most of the viewers seem to be just as much into the pros, as the number of mirror balls really only counts for them.

Riker really came into his own from this... I don't think Allison would have had much of a chance with anyone else.

Still a bit annoyed Red Foo got the boot so early. Think he could have been one of the most entertaining.

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