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Rumer and Michael Sam are the ones to watch for me. I think Nastia also, though that routine was so frenetic to me that it was hard to tell that it was a foxtrot.


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I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm team Rumer and Val for the long haul! That "routine" (def wasn't a foxtrot but given the music choice that's not Val's fault) was beaaaautiful. She's got a boatload of potential and she's likeable.

Other highlights for me: Noah Galloway!! There was just so much to like about everything happening on the floor. I think sometimes it's easy to forget that part of what attracts people to this show are the stories/journeys/new things to say about dance. I am definitely guilty of being curmudgeonly critical of the ballroom content in this show's routines, but every once in a while I can step back and appreciate what I see for what I'm seeing.

Artem made some good choices in his choreography with Patti. Same thing with Tony and Suzanne. Surprise of the night was Robert Herjavec! He had wonderful showmanship and could really really improve with a little polishing. I Loooove having Kym back, too.

I don't want to place any bets on Riker yet because (as we ALL saw last year) Allison isn't the most competent of ballroom pros, but that jive was a pretty darn good start. Nastia and Derek's foxtrot was a solid performance, naturally. I was all ready to be miffed about them dancing to "New York New York" so soon after Charlie White/Sharna gave such a BEAUTIFUL performance to that song two seasons ago, but I was pleasantly surprised when they switched up the tempo.

I felt a little "meh" about Chris/Whitney and Michael/Peta. Willow was cute and Redfoo was....something. We'll see how they handle the ballroom styles (I can't WAIT to see Redfoo foxtrotting or waltzing). I feel badly for Keo again. Charlotte isn't as challenging of a partner as Lolo, but she has a loooong way to go.

Let's see how long this "low" scoring policy actually lasts ;)


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I'm rooting for Robert, mainly because I love Shark Tank.

Agree with kckc about the frenetic pace of that foxtrot.... I was like, slow down, can we have some drawn out stretchy parts too (as you can see my ability to articulate about technical matters is winning some medals o_O).

Riker's jive was hard to judge because their feet were obscured so much of the time, so it was hard to see if they really were hitting the technique and that always raises a "what are they trying to hide" red flag for me.

OK, I got it, Willow's 14. Was starting to wonder if I should re-wind and play a drinking game with that, until I realized I wanted to be sober for the remaining performances. But I did enjoy her routine and thought it was a pretty solid start.

Add me to the Rumer bandwagon for the time being, that was really outstanding. Agreed with Bruno (was saying the same thing right before he did) about how nice her arms were.

I laughed when Kym (?) made the comment that people generally thought Redfoo was a good dancer to start with but that his style was so different from Latin blah blah ... uh, no, I never had any such delusions. He's a goofball in his videos, not a dancer. It will be interesting to see if he can buckle down and get serious. Truthfully, I was underwhelmed even by the "hook" non-ballroom parts of his routine.

Tony... omg.... someone must have some serious dirt on him.

I also like Michael in spite of the pasted on smile and needs-work technique. He is just very likeable to me and I hope he is around long enough to at least observe some sort of "journey".


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Every season I keep saying that I'm not going to watch this show anymore. And every season I can find nothing better on TV than this show so I watch.

I admit I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that I found myself eager for week 2.


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I just fast forwarded to the dance numbers. Rumer was the biggest surprise to me...she was fabulous...I suspect she didn't learn all of that in just a week or two...perhaps she's had dance training? Regardless she was gorgeous to watch. Nastia was as good as I expected her to be and I also liked Michael Sam and was pleasantly surprised by Chris Soules given that he has no entertainment or competitive sport background whatsoever.


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Rumer Willis has found her dream role in For The Record: Baz Luhrmann, a live, musical theater reimagining of the director's iconic films. The show, which runs several nights at week at Los Angeles nightclub DBA through the fall, is a spectacle of music and dancing from movies such as Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet. Willis previously appeared as Juliet, but has now taken on the role of Australian dancer Fran from Strictly Ballroom. And it turns out that not only can Willis really sing, she can dance, too...from Elle magazine

From her interviews it sounds like she was looking forward to actually fine tuning her training one on one with a dance pro. Looks like she was quite successful! I'm thinking she and Nastia will be the top two and it's very cool to have seen Bruce and Demi in the audience.


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Allison didn't seem like a disaster as much as she was last season. Maybe she took the time off to actually work on technique... I hope at least. She really is a great dancer outside of ballroom. But I'll agree with others... most of the routine that she used had their feet obscured and made me wonder what they were hiding.

Nastia & Derek: I hated the routine. Way too frenetic. Didn't match the tone of "New York, New York" at all. You need to be a lot "slinkier" for that song. It almost felt like they were going to pull off a Cha Cha routine at times. I will admit that she probably has the most potential here though and for obvious reasons.

Rumer & Val: What a nice surprise! I won't really have anything bad to say about that routine. You can tell she really worked on it though. Hope she remains the frontrunner, but I'm skeptical.
Crazily, I think Riker's technique is better than Allison's :confused: but that might have been one of those the-stars-aligned things where it just happens to be a good song for the person and the dance style just happens to suit them. Hope not, I liked him.

Wasn't crazy about Nastia's routine either, but I appreciated that Derek did something different. She held her own; that wasn't easy choreo by any stretch of the imagination. But her frame/top line was a little too angular. It'll round out with time, I guess.

And Rumer was definitely a pleasant surprise. She hits her accents too hard, but her frame was amazing and she looks absolutely GORGEOUS on the dance floor. Hope she doesn't mentally implode, because if she stops freaking out and apologizing so much, she and Val could do great things together because he's an awesome teacher and she has tons of natural talent.


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I have a feeling that the 4 couples in danger were not necessarily the bottom 4. Suzanne Somers did really well tonight, and was underscored compared to other performances that received the same scores. But that's typical of this show... :rolleyes:

Wasn't thrilled to see Redfoo leave, but was glad to see Suzanne stayed. I'm curious to see what she does with a Smooth/Standard dance.


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@sbrnsmith I was as well that Redfoo is gone. He was probably going to be one of the most entertaining of the bunch, and showed some real willingness to commit. Heck I think Chris Soules should go though. He clearly doesn't have much love for it. It's probably just a cash & fame grab for him.

Nastia killed it tonight, although I don't think Derek did her an favors with the choreography again. Simple this week would have been better.

Am I the only one who hated Willow's tango? It made me feel uncomfortable.


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I loved the concept of Mark's AT, but I would have liked it better with a more mature couple, if that makes any sense.

I realize this horse left the barn ages ago, but was there any actual rumba content in Derek's rumba? While it was quite lovely, the only thing missing was some rolling on the floor. Then I could have at least recognized it as contemporary.

I wish the show would just do away with labelling the dances since actual specific content seems to be merely a suggestion at this point. The only dance that looked like a cha-cha to me (Val/Rumer) got called out for not having enough cha-cha. I'm so confused!
Eh...I could see a reasonable amount of rumba content in it. I caught at least two fans, an overturned hockey stick, and a metric buttload of swivels, all of which are bona fide rumba steps. And then there were the natural pivots and telemarks, and nearly everything else I couldn't name had at least some partner relation and was more or less readable as rumba.

Was there bronze syllabus timing? No. Was there rumba content? Yes.

ETA: it was difficult to tell with the camera angles, but it also looked like there were Cuban rocks right before the pivots too.

And ETA again: just watched V&R, I'd probably give them a similar critique (although when your routine is sub 1 minute in length, it's hard to pack much content in). But there was a ton of "flashy trash" or otherwise unpartnered stuff going on in that Cha cha.
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I just went back and watched both, and I stand by my critique, sort of :)

I did see hints of what you said about the rumba but it still read more contemporary to me. I personally would rather see something simpler but performed exquisitely than something sort-of-but-not-quite-recognizable. Though it was performed exquisitely. And she out-Yulia'd Yulia with that arm-windmill thingy! (no, I don't dance Latin, can you tell?)

I didn't realize how freaking short that cha cha really was. Only 55 seconds and part of that was pre-dance-fluff.


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I thought Derek and Nastia had more Rumba content than Derek's rumbas usually do, I just wish he'd button his shirt.

And to me, I actually would have called Val and Rumer out harder for lack of content. She spent a lot of time stomping around and very actually dancing, then when she was actually doing a bit of content, her legs were straight but that's about it--upper body's got no movement through it, and then her back foot in the few New Yorkers they did kind of winged around. To me she's just a bit wooden all over.

I'm sorry but the elimination was wrong. It should have been Bachelor or Blondie (I'm sorry, WHO is the crybaby? Honey, this is every kid who was bullied for being fat and ugly and a nerd playing the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin for you-so sorry not sorry you got teased for features that meant you could become a 'celebrity' purely on looks as soon as you were older. And I suspect people wouldn't have been tweeting about you if you didn't go along with making it all about the boobs. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" isn't a plea for tolerance, it's a punchline.) Then Michael Sam after them. If football doesn't pan out (as it appears not to because he was never that great in the first place) he can...not go into dancing, either. I would have kept Redfoo over all of them on pure entertainment value and "Happy to be here". Ditto Suzanne and Patti (God love her.)

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