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Yeah bindi has a lock on the win. Coz she crushed the opposition all season it has never been close. The Tamar making a move stuff was contrived and the rest were cannon fodder . Derek will do it again .


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I don't mind that Bindi won. She did a great job all season. I was hoping that Sharna could have pulled out a win though.
Same sentiments here. I would have liked to see Nick and Sharna pull it off, but Bindi definitely knows how to entertain.

Looking back, I think my favorite seasons were when they had "ringers" thrown in there, like Charlie and Meryl, Alfonso, and Nicole Scherzinger. While they were clearly a cut above the rest, it definitely pushed the others to do a better job.
I was definitely going for Nick before the season started...and I wasn't totally decided on Bindi until a few weeks ago. The freestyles, save Alek's, all bored me to death, but he was so underscored in every round he had no chance to win. If Nick had done his freestyle to an NSYNC song (or just one that wasn't another GD BSB song), he might have had a chance...but he ended up being so intense and unlikable and inconsistent that it's probably what made people defect to Bindi.

Or at least that was the case for me.

I'm still trying to figure out why the HAIL the "people upstairs" at DWTS ram certain people down your throat. Like Carlos and Rumer Willis and the like. What even is the point?


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Rumer was great. Carlos wasn't even the best penavega in the competition
Carlos definitely wasn't. i.e. he was trying so hard for his "story" to be impactful like everyone else's, but his trying so hard made it pathetic.

But Riker and Nastia were just as good as Rumer (better, IMHO), but neither one of them stood a chance against the Hollywood parent machine. Since s18, I don't even watch the judges' critiques and I can still see who "they" want to win, or at least keep around for a longer time than they should. And that time, it was Rumer. S17, Leah Remini (random but it's one I can think of off the top of my head). This past one, I think originally it was Nick, but Bindi ended up being such a ray of sunshine that the good vibes got to them and they just let the chips fall where they may.
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I have picked every winner except donnys season and the all star season after the first week of dancing. I had mya beating Donny and Shawn Johnson beating mellisa. Just based on dancing ability and connection with partner. Even picked Mel b second tho the mrs disagrees. So if the fix is in my brainwaves match or can't tell


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I wanted Nick to win all along (I have NO idea where people get the idea that he's too intense or unapproachable...I thought he always seemed charming and genuine, and especially gracious in all of his post-dance interviews. His graciousness reminded me a lot of Rumer's on-camera poise) That said, I don't mind Bindi winning. At the end of the day, she was pretty darn cute.
I wasn't blown away by any of the dancing all season, for anyone really. (Haven't really felt blown away since S18, and then pretty much any dance by Noah Galloway). I though Bindi's freestyle felt like a re-hash of her contemporary, but then Nick's also felt like a re-hash of his jazz. I guess that's kinda to be expected, though, since contemporary and jazz are actual competitive styles now. And while I will almost always give Derek props for creativity (the little touches in Bindi's first contemporary were pretty special), I feel like we haven't seen anything but "stripped down" freestyles from him in a long while. Eh.
I also ended up liking Carlos, believe it or not. Much more so than Alexa. I though he moved pretty well and I could appreciate how hard he was trying. He didn't seem fake to me.

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