DWTS season 22

Mr 4 styles

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julianne is awesome i would have liked 4 judges but jules has ALOT on her plate including her impending nuptials

hopefully move live on tour 3 as well


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I didn't mind Julianne as much as some people did. However, I am thrilled Len is back. Of all the judges, his critique's always sowed the most knowledge to me. The show was just missing something without him on it this last season. Although, I will have to say, without Len, Bruno seemed to step it up in useful feedback, at least the first part of the season.


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I think Len was one of the few judges who actively encouraged grounding the routines back into ballroom. A few seasons without him and I'd guarantee only seeing contemporary style performances.

Maybe I'll start watching again if there is more than 10 minutes of actual dancing in the entire show. Those 45 second routines really started to get to me.

Last season they brought back the dance-off which I enjoyed... even though it was grossly a popularity contest.

Steve Pastor

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Please excuse my Witney crush, but they talk a bit about the dancing DWTS folks did on the Disney special that was on last Sunday.

Looks like I'll finally be favoring this show over SYTYCD with the coming of kiddie competition there.


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Not that I hate Len or anything, but I don't understand why they brought him back. He always seemed to be the most "agenda pushy" of the panel. Anyway, why don't they get rid of useless knat Carrie Ann instead?
Dance-Forums participation on the DWTS threads: Season 1 - 21.

Having been an avid fan of this show since it exploded on the scene in 2005, it has been interesting to see it’s evolution (or devolution?). I noticed a very low number of replies and views for Season 21 on this DWTS topic and became curious how that compared with previous seasons. An indicator of this change is the interest shown on this forum reflected in the number of replies posted and the number of views for each season.

I gathered the data from this Dancing on TV forum (I know - I oughta get a life). The most active participation was Season 3 with 3,603 replies and 371,699 views. The least active was Season 21 with 92 replies and 4,790 views. As expected, it was a steady decline from Season 3 to Season 21.

So, how long before this topic becomes extinct?
The only reason I still watch is for Derek and Karina. It's almost torturous at this point. I've stopped watching the judges' critiques and I can still see who I'm supposed to want to win. ANNOYING. Why can't they just stop trying to tell the audience who to vote for without giving them undeserved raves, overinflated scores and two packages per show, among other things?

I hope Derek doesn't do the show ever again. He's so good that at times, I feel like he's become a liability to his partners. Bindi was an exception, but things can get really ugly because after he won with Amber, for the next five seasons, half the interviews with any other pro involved them saying "Derek doesn't need a sixth win".
Never. We just have said it all before
That does make sense. How about we do it like in the old joke about the monks in the monastery who assigned numbers to their favorite jokes. One says, "18" and everyone laughs. It would save a lot of typing.


10 = "Where was the samba in that routine?"
11 = "Carrie Anne nitpicked another lift"
12 = "The music was horrible tonight"
13 = "Bruno was way over the top"
14 = "OMG, enough contemporary already!"
15 = "The judges over scored Princess and Derek"

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