DWTS Season 23


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I read an article where they are pushing for some Olympians, so they are likely to have one or two.

And that's only eight pros, so there ought to be about four or five more.


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I'm happy for him.... Everyone deserves a shot at redemption, and who has not been drunk and done stuff they wish they had not, at some point in their lives

Also, I'm glad Emma is in


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I'm team Katie Ladecky for being in. Though I am partial on many fronts... Marylander, went to my high school...

In fear of derailing the thread, sure people deserve second chances. But there's a big difference between doing something stupid while drunk and then owning up to it, and another thing entirely to lie worldwide and say they were robbed at gun point, and then flee the country before authorities can get you and leaving your buddies out to dry in Rio...

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