DWTS - Week 10 - Spoilers

I saw this video. I think it was "we got our three tens first" and Cheryl said, "so? we got our three tens second".

It's kind of unfair to Karina because I saw the Karina video clip and she was sort of kidding. Tony Potts congratulated Mario/Karina on their tens and asked how it felt when others then got straight tens and Karina made a hand like an airplane crashing, and made a sad face. But then she said "We got ours first!" but it was a joke.

Tony Potts did not repeat this to Cheryl and Emmitt like it was a joke. He made it like Karina had dissed them, and Cheryl/Emmitt shrugged it off and were "So?" and "We don't need that." Tony was egging them. She really didn't say nyah nyah like a schoolgirl, she was kidding.

So maybe Karina's not popular with the press? And has made more obviously backhanded remarks before, because if she hadn't, this was really a deliberate misconstruction on Tony's part, akin to if he had told Drew Lachey that George Hamilton really did want to break his legs.
I had a neat perspective of the whole show. I'm a ballroom dancer who lives in Pensacola, FL (Emmitt's hometown) and I happen to work with his sister, Connie. She's a paralegal at my firm. She'd come excited and hash what he'd done the night before and I'd say, "well, he was very clean there" "or I was impressed with this or that." Connie and family powwow'd at a local country club to watch the show and vote in. The whole office was pulling for him. :)

I was VERY impressed with him. He moved so well and seemed to be having a ball the whole time he was on stage.
I've been busy and not here. You can usually find me on MySpace though. ;) Have been concentrating more on my other loves, gymnastics and ballet. I still dance ballroom on the weekends. It is so nice to be intermediate/advanced in ballroom being able to be led and comfortable in a social setting.

I'll have to show you the photo from my Halloween costume ball where I went as Marie Antoinette. I was laughing with Darth Vader since he had to raise his arm really high to clear my wig. He said he wouldn't want me to lose my head. ;)
One thing that truly rankles is a mantra I read that Emmitt's charm and charisma trumped Mario's superior dancing. I must have dreamt that Mario was a stunningly handsome, dimpled hunk that had message boards and audience members drooling on themselves. How did those assets get taken out of the discussion? If he were a male built more along the lines of Monique Coleman, maybe he would have been rewarded and penalized along the lines of Monique Coleman, because there were an awful lot of fake-outs, dubious ballroom technique, off balance sequences and missteps in Mario's performances. Mario's assets took him just as far as his dancing took him.
I hope the tour is a stunning success. I don't want to attend unless I can get prime seats (floor side, at a table), and the games involved with that one are daunting, expense aside. But if it was a smash hit, ABC might decide to do a special, the way "Stars On Ice" used to do, and I can watch it from my couch.
I can't find the page that lists the tour participatns and dates. Is Anna Trebunskaya doing the tour? I heard she and Jonathan are no longer dancing together, which came as a HUGE surprise to me, and I am trying to verify some other information I heard?

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