DWTS3 - Mario & Karina


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Maybe they are dating, maybe they aren't. Maybe I'm actually a really cool hotshot dancer posing as a beginner and I'm being taught by E.T. (which would explain many things).
In alemana's spirit, I gotta say gossip is boring.

Plus, we're all dancers and as everyone knows, we're above such petty things as gossip.


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When did I become the slut puppy??? Max is enough for me. I am too old to handle anything more ;)

FYI -- fascination I am *sure* has dibs on Tony.
Episode 1 of As The Dancing Stars Turns!!!

T.E. is a hotshot dancer posing as a beginner
SMC along with Mario is dating Karina
BE is miss goddy two shoes saying that dancers are above such gossip
MQ is dating Max (while I'm secretly dating Max behind his back)
DP is jealous since she is not involved with anyone
T_E is dating Slavik
LD is dating Nick
Nick's wife is dating Louis
I get mad at Louis for thinking I'm the only girl, so I spread a rumor that he is dating Monique.
T_E gets mad at Monique and says that she is dating Joey
I get mad and say that Joey is dating Jerry
LD gets mad and says why isn't anyone dating Tony
I confess I'm dating all of the men behind MQ's back!

Who is Tony really dating? Will MQ seek treatment for her addiction towards men? Will Nick's wife forgive him for dating LD? Will Nick forgive his wife for dating Louis? Will Joey and Jerry get together? Will we find out who T_E really is? Stay tumed for more of As The Dancing Stars Turn! ;)

See, dancers could make a good television series! ;)

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