DWTS3 - Mario & Karina

Nick and his wife divorce. Nick and LD spend the next week on the Queen Mary 2 dancing in the largest ballroom at sea, the Queens Room!!!
Oh the shame!!!! How could he? How could you? Little do you know Louis is on the same trip doing the choreography and finds out first hand what's going on. Will Louis tell? Will Louis blackmail Tony? :raisebro:
The theme song for the show would be Makin Whoopee by Dr. John lol! You can find it off the Sleepless in Seattle CD lol! It's great music for us even if we don't use the words. ;)


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Thanks, Larinda.

I've actually met Nick's wife and she's beautiful, sweet and talented. BTW, she has a name, it's Lena.

Tony is also married and has a child.

Geesh, DF has taken a turn for the worse lately.
Mario & Karina a couple?

Have you guys seen this video clip? youtube.com/watch?v=nrMri2sstSQ

Towards the end of the video it seems as if Mario is holding Karina's hand off-camera...

Sorry to make my first post gossipy :(


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The "comments" on that page are absolutely revolting.

To be expected, I guess. Some people have no class (or spelling/grammar skills, for that matter. Sheesh!)
Call me naive, but I actually feel sorry for Karina, and for the rest of the dance world which I think has lost one of its stars.
For all the pseudo-glamor in ballroom dancing, it is really a very insular world. I doubt that most dancers, including world-class ones like Karina, had much exposure to the real world of the entertainment industry.
I hope she learns how to swim with the sharks real, real fast. And if she does, more power to her.

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