DWTS3 - Mario & Karina

I think there are a lot of dancers who hunger for mainstream entertainment biz success and the current boomlet makes that seem possible for them... I know the comp world is incredibly grueling and a showbiz career must seem like a very pleasant way to jump off that train, but I'm skeptical.


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Call me naive, but I actually feel sorry for Karina, and for the rest of the dance world which I think has lost one of its stars.
For all the pseudo-glamor in ballroom dancing, it is really a very insular world. I doubt that most dancers, including world-class ones like Karina, had much exposure to the real world of the entertainment industry.
I hope she learns how to swim with the sharks real, real fast. And if she does, more power to her.
If she truly has made a turn towards showbiz, then the dance world has lost indeed. As for the insular world... I think you're right. In some ways, it's a really big and shiny bubble.


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