El Pulpo, The Octopus

Anyone every try any of the steps by Pulpo (The Octopus)?

I enjoyed one of them them recently at San Francisco Tango, as taught by Ken Delmar. It is sort of like a gauncho except that it is smooth and silky connection that you hold rather than a quick "hit and run" hook.

Funny think was one of my partner's kept getting her foot caught in the cuff of my pant leg and it was tough for her to get it out. That threw me off balance and Ken came running over to offer advice -- noticing that I was off balance -- but not seeing the problem resulted from the cuff entanglement.

Anyway it was a temporary problem and I enjoyed learning the step. I taught it to my students the next week and they enjoyed it to.
Hi, ILoveMusic and welcome to DF! I'm trying to picture what you mean and, from what I've conjured in my head, it sounds familiar , but I don't think it's right. I've never heard of it. Hmmm....methinks it's time to hit Google! :)
El Pulpo smooth gauncho

OK, here's a more detailed description of the steps.
Do steps 1 and 2 of the eight count basic.
(Leader steps back with right foot and then to the side with left foot.)

After stepping side, the leader quickly slips his right foot forward so that the follower (when she collects her feet) sandwiches the leader's foot.

The leader now steps forward with his left foot and then with this right foot, he slides the follower's right foot forward and diagonally to the left.

Next, the leader turns the follower to the right so that she is at about an 88% degree angle to him. (I say 88% just to catch your attention. It could be, say, 90%) To the right, means that the follower's right should turns backward.

Leader now keeps all his weight on his left foot and uses his right leg to invte the follower to hook into his leg with her right leg. (Both partners keep their weight on the left leg.) This is a very senusal and enjoyable position for bother partners. :wink:

Leader then moves his right leg diagonally back to where it was before the barrida (sliding of follower's foot) This causes the legs to unhook but remain connected.

He may then repeat the barrida and the silky gauncho-- all the time there is a connection between leader and follower's right foot.

I like to exit this pattern with an ocho.

Hope this helps you to picture it. It is difficult to describe. :eek:

You can see a picture of pulpo doing a similar (yet different figure) at


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Nope. Anything to get strangers poppin' into the AT forum and getting interested. :wink: :) But you can take AT lesssons and join us in the AT forum.
Thanks, ilovemusic, I'm going to try it out tonight at tango. I hope that the guy doesn't think, as jon suggests, that I'm talking about him being one! :)

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