Eli & Yen: Mayan Finals 2009

Go Eli!

Hey, I took some classes with Eli when I lived in Philadelphia. Eli is an incredible dancer, and an excellent teacher as well. (In fact, he made rapid progress as a teacher in the brief time I took classes with him, so I would guess he's pretty amazing at it by now.)

I think I may finally be able to resume regular dancing again, but I've been saying that for years now. (Still, I'm planning on going to two bachata workshops this afternoon.)
Oh boy, I'm re-addicted and I'm so happy! I can't sit still in my chair. (And I finally learned the cumbia basic--like that was so difficult. I suppose I have sort of gotten it in clubs before, but I was not quite sure of it somehow.)

I walk down Central Ave., with a natural high and a bottle of Fiji water in my hand.


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I thought they were. Must google Mayan rules.

I find it so challenging to see people in the machismo-dominated salsa world embracing a same sex dance partnership. It really challenges several of my prejudices at once, which is probably a good thing. :cool:

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