Elina Roldan and Ramiro Gigliotti

Tanguera, could you explain in what way you feel your dancing changed thanks to her? Did she have a special technique or a way of explaining things that suited you?
Both of the things, I'd say. :)

I attended a full three months course of technique for woman with her and I like her way of teaching. I use to say that during those three months I've been "deconstructed" by Elina and then I had to rebuild me up after; and it was a completely different feeling. Everything had changed: balance, posture, what leaders feel dancing with me. :)

When I say "decontruction" I mean that feeling you have when you are doing a strong technical job on yourself: you know, when you are not able to do neither the change of weight 'cause you are thinking too much! :D

By "reconstruction" I mean the job of putting together everything you learnt and interiorize the technique to the point that you don't need to think before stepping. When you move naturally in the new way.

I had a strong technical background before attending Elina's course, but there were some things that needed to be fixed.
I went back to my favorite Italian teacher some months after my own "reconstruction" and I asked her how I felt while dancing: perfect, she said. (She is my Italian reference for technique: she uses to lead the followers to fix up things like embrace, following skills, and so on)

I also had a milonga traspie course with Elina Roldan and I enjoyed it very much.
Sounds great!

And it's true that there are always things to unlearn when you start working with a new teacher. Usually, if you have chosen your teacher wisely, it will be worth it.

I've heard she's well knows for milonga, but never managed to take any classes.

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