Elvis Lives, just in time for a Blue Christmas with Martina McBride

Steve Pastor

Staff member
OK, well, Elvis was known as the Hillbilly Cat, and as a singer of Cowboy Bop. And Martina, well...

I got into Elvis in the last year or so for a number of reasons. One was that we do line dances to two of his songs: Jailhouse Rock, and Such a Night. I had to see what Elivs was doing on stage that got so much attention. (It wasn't quite what I had read.) Now you can see his Hound Dog performance on the Milton Berle Show on YouTube. (Access it throught Hound Dog article in wikipedia.)

Anyhow, "they" did a good job of using footage from the "'68 Comeback Special", which isn't what it was actually called, and Martina does a duet with Elvis.
Check it out.

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