Emerald Ball Runners Needed

If anyone is interested to be a runner at the Emerald Ball at the Hilton @ LAX Let me know or contact Yolanda PM for her email address. Times available are:
The tentative schedule and the positions still open is:
8am - 1pm - 2 runners Help!
1pm - 5pm - 1 runner Help!
6pm - 12am - 2 runners

8am - 1pm - 2 runners Help!
1pm - 5pm - 2 runners Help!
6pm - 12am - 0 runners

8am - 1pm - 1 runner
1pm - 5pm - 0 runners
6pm - 12am - 2 runners

8am - 1pm - 1 runner
1pm - 5pm - 1 runner
6pm - 12am - 1 runner


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"Gopher." Also known as those lovely folks who run around at the end of each heat collecting the judges' marks. ;)

Edit: Oh, and I'd love to help out, but I will be at the wrong end of the country . . . oh well, maybe next year . . .


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The part Guillermo left out is that for each shift worked as a runner you will get one ticket to the session of your choice in exchange (e.g. work Friday 1-5, get an evening ticket in return).
Hey SD, could you believe it's been a year since I've been a runner when you posted that Yolanda needed help at last years Emerald? time flies when your having fun dancing.


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Funny that... I had just been thinking about how last year I had been the one who posted the thread and you who had PM'ed me for info. :lol:
Just in...

I need:
2 runners for Thursday morning (9:30am-1)
1 for Thursday afternoon
1 for Thursday evening
2 runners for Friday morning (7am-1)
1 for Saturday night
1 for Sunday morning (7am-1)

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