I know it's a long story but please read it! I'm so helpless...

Hi all!

First I'd like to introduce myself since I'm planning to stay on this forum as long as possible instead of just posting this post and running off.

My name is Nina and im 17,5 years old. I live in the Netherlands and... well thats about everything interesting about me. I have had (hip hop: streetdance and a little bit breakdance) dance classes in september and I stopped in januari this year.

My problem is: I just can't dance. I can do what my teacher says but when she tells me to do freestyle and make up something, not even thinking of what I'm doing I totally freeze. It's not that I'm scared to dance in front of the whole class but I really have NO IDEA what to do... I swing a little and that's it. It's really disturbing because I want to learn how to dance and being able to dance in my room and at least do SOMETHING while dancing.

Now I know many of the people here are experienced dancers or atleast good dancers. Could you please tell me how I can practice so I can do freestyle? Practice every day? Or learn from movies and clips first before added my own style to it? Because I really am emptyheaded when it comes to freestyle. I just don't know anything about dancing. But I could never explain you guys how happy I would be if I could dance. It's a dream...

I'm so jealous but I can deal with it a little bit because I'm not as talented as them. But I really will do EVERYTHING to be as good as them!

Anyone got any tips?


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