Enrique & Guillermo de Fazio


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yum, I'll take them both, thank you very much
The woman has good taste. What can I say? :)

I'm glad somebody put this up on Youtube. I've got the original on the 2003 CITA DVD and always got a kick out of showing it to fellow tango crackheads when they were over.


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btw, didn't you post this vid recently? i thought i saw it in one of the AT threads.

anyway, i just love it. love it.


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Yeah, she did. She posted it in the Ballroom Forum, the thread about same-sex competition. I cross-posted it here.
no, meant BTM... awhile ago... anyway, it doesn't matter in the least. was just trying to remember what thread it was in...


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This got posted on Facebook yesterday and since the original YouTube link got removed I'm replying and reposting it here since I am simply amazed at how awesome this was. :D


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