Esteban Moreno y Claudia Codega


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I did 3 workshops with Claudia and Esteban at the Brussels Tango Festival - they're fab teachers and lovely people. The first was on "a-typical movements" which was a lot of fun and a wee bit crazy. The other 2 were on musicality, specifically use of rhythm, and were quite excellent; challenging, informative and with great practical relevance. They finished the second musicality workshop by dancing an entire tango using only the sequence (leader's steps, parallel, in-line) forward left, close, change weight, back left, close, change weight. It was incredibly musical, very expressive and wonderful to watch. (It would be great if more people attended musicality workshops particularly when taught by teachers of Claudia & Esteban's quality; we might see fewer folk who seem convinced that "show moves", irrespective of the music or position of dancers around them, are at the core of AT).

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