Was having a conversation on dance floor etiquette and floor skills the other day. As with everything, I find that some things I found acceptable were considered sins by my friend.

Dipping, for example, I always thought that if you had enough room and she said yes, you could go ahead and dip on the dance floor. My friend insisted that with aerials, drops and other fancy moves, it should be kept off the dance floor. But I see many dancers dip and drop to their heart's content in the floor. What are some 'rules' that should be applied on the dance floor and why are these not taught with turn patterns?


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I won't do drops social dancing. There are some dips I don't see a problem with if:

1)There's room
2)Its with a partner you know (a friend)
3)Very basic dip
As crowded as salsa floors tend to be, I agree that you have to show some respect and have fun while keeping the dancing "compact."

If there's an opportunity, I don't see a problem with a dip - even a big one, but from my dance-upbringing, lifts, drops, and even routines don't belong on the social dance floor, since they are disrespectful to everyone else's space.

I started dancing because my mother made me go to a manners class [cotillion] that taught social dancing as part of its course... I don't think hardly anyone gets lessons in dance etiquette anymore.


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Okay, so drops are generally a no. Dips are at your discretion. How about other dance floor etiquette? Anything else you should do (or not do) to keep it polite?
Even in clubs where it is acceptable to dip with girls that don't mind, I have seen some "showboats". I don't think they even realize what they are doing. IMHO, I think you can over do it. Do you agree?


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Good article brujo! I have no idea who the author is, and I might prioritize some of his points differently, but they're all quite valid. Thanks for sharing.


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This article is pretty good and funny, too. It's called Salsa survival guide, and it has lots of tips for salsa newbies, like makeup, clothes, shoes, body odor, and a few more tips. Check it out. :D

Sorry. Edit. I must have typed the url wrong the first time. :oops: :D

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