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I figured that you did contact Mr. Boots . . . just making sure.

Were you quoted any prices???

I'm going to do more of a search for them. I know many vendors that the ucwdc deals with. If you knew what size you wore - for sure - I could even pick you up a pair next month at our next comp . . . if you haven't acquired a pair by then.

I must have had a dozen pairs in my hands this past weekend . . . finally decided on a pair of Supadance canvas tango style shoes for men . . . just for practice and to wear with baggy jeans - for swing and salsa of course!

I'll get back to you if I can find someone who has them on-hand. YOu might want to send DanceMentor a PM . . . as I believe he has connections in the shoe world!
Evenin Star

Just FYI...

I just ordered a custom pair of Evenin Star dance boots on March 12th. I ordered them through Dance Connection (Grant Austin). I received them yesterday, April 6th. So it only took three and half weeks. Also, they appeared to be shipped from Dance Connection headquarters rather than the factory in Texas, so that even includes the extra time to ship the boots first to Dance Connection, then to me.

I really don't know anything about the factory closing down and moving, though, except what I've read here and elsewhere on the Internet...so I don't know if they have closed since then... maybe I got the last pair made in Texas... a collector's item! :)

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Thanks CGITS,
I hope she contacts Dance Connection. Boots are readily available, but she want the ES shoes . . . which most sites don't even show.
Wow, you've done a lot of research. I did check out all of these websites. The Danceboots.com website is the most promising. I sent them an email telling them what I wanted (ladies black size 8 shoe boot) and hopefully I will hear back. I have left phone messages for a couple of places,(including danceconnection) but no response yet, (possibly because I said what I was looking for, so why call back if they don't have them in stock).
For prices, I have seen between 144 and 148 a pair. Free shipping with the danceboots.com place. I think Mr. Boots charged 12.00 for shipping and then possibly another 12.00 surcharge on top of that, presumably to pay for them to order them from evenin star. I was hoping to get them soon and my next step if I don't get an email reply from Danceboots.com is to try calling them.
no luck so far

Vince A said:
. . . good luck . . .
Hi, I have struck out everywhere I've tried so far. I was hoping that I could get you to get the contact info, (email address especially), the next time you go to an event. Email that info to me and than I can just order from the person. Most of the people I have contacted do not have the shoe boots stocked right now. Thanks

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dnsallday said:
Hi, I have struck out everywhere I've tried so far. I was hoping that I could get you to get the contact info, (email address especially), the next time you go to an event. Email that info to me and than I can just order from the person. Most of the people I have contacted do not have the shoe boots stocked right now. Thanks
Hi dnsallday . . .

I've tried responded to this post three times now . . . for some reason it doesn't take.

I think that since the company is moving . . . production has stopped . . . thus supplies are being exhausted.

Maybe in time you'll find them?
I think you are right. I've tried to put my contact info out to enough people so that hopefully if anybody comes across a vendor that does have the shoe boots in stock, they will either give them my contact info or get contact info to me so that I can get them through the mail. Thanks a lot for trying to help me with this.

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We'll keep trying . . .

Didn't you say that you have flight incentives to just about anywhere? Well, next month, in Fresno, CA, one of the best UCWDC competition events is being - May 26, 27, 28, 2nd 29. We stay at the Radisson Hotel . . . it's aprty from Wednesday night through Monday afternoon. There should be tons of vendors there, but will there be shoes??? I don't know, but there were lots of them in LA last month!

Maybe you could fly out . . . grab a pair of shoes, stay for some dancing, etc.
Well, that does sound great, and actually I will keep it in mind as I have a number of relatives in CA, although they are in Southern Cal. I do have free flights but that is a long way to go, unless I was staying for at least a week. The Easterns are here on the east coast next month as well, although Washington D.C. is not my favorite place to go, that might be my best bet unless in the meantime I come across somebody that has them in stock and I can just order them.


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Since I started running for exercise, my feet have grown and my Evenin Star Dance Boots no longer fit. I see that they now have western style shoe Boots, which I am dying to get a pair of. I really want to be able to try them on before purchasing though. (when you order through the mail you have to pay shipping, return shipping and often a restocking fee, if they don't fit right and you have to return them).
I am willing to travel, and make a fun weekend of it, so if anybody knows where they have a good selection of Evenin Star boots and shoes and are open to the public, please let me know.
Thanks so much!!! Can't wait.
Nashville you ask?

Worlds 2007. Go there, I'm sure they'll have em!
Hello, all! Newbie poster, here. I have a quick question about Evenin' Star dance boots. I have looked at previous posts on the topic, but still had a couple questions. I have never worn this brand before so I'm looking for some recommendations. :)

1) What is everyone's go-to website to order them?

2) Which "style" do you prefer? (I know they serve different purposes, but curious if people loved / hated any of them!)

3) How do the sizes run? I read on some websites they run "true to American size" but just wanted some feedback from other dancers!

4) Is there a site that lets you "customize" them? I was wanting weltless, shankless, toe-boxless, and skintone.

Thanks a lot everyone!


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Evenin' Star Boots - Are they impossible to get these days?


I want to purchase Evenin' Star Boots for my CW comps but I am having a hard time locating one.... I have even tried with the Evenin' Star website but having no luck with communicating with Steve. :( It appears that they don't do Special Orders anymore?

Has anyone gotten a pair recently? I have also tried few online stores with no luck.

I appreciate any suggestions!! Thank you!!!


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Their site says they only do special orders twice a year and special charges apply. *shrug* I'd probably call the toll-free customer service number and chat with somebody to find out the timing for that "twice a year." You might be in luck.

And welcome. :-D


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Welcome to DF Kat. I have several pairs of Evening Star Boots.
I think the most simple way, other than the 800 number. Is this,
A vendor always comes to the West Coast Swing Palm Springs event - he consistently carries the Evening Star Boots....go to www.peoplewhodance.net
and send a msg to Jay (the head of this) that you would like to contact the shoe vendor that was at Palm Springs for the August Dance Camp. Jay will put you in touch with the vendor or give you contact information. And yes, they only special order twice a year.

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