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Those portable toilet facilities common at construction sites and outdoor events when they are being serviced, the powerful stench is just overwhelming! :shock:


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if you chop veggies and serve a late dinner, sometimes the remnants sit til the next day...I try to avoid it but when I don't...well...ewww


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yep, been there, done that. actually h ave bag of chopped plums (winemaking, not cooking, but still, same type of late night work) in sink rihgt now.


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Do you have a baby? :D

Ew = the fact that I only do dishes on the weekends! Yes I said it.
When I were younger I only used to have a bath/shower once a week :oops:
I was so lazy it's untrue.. changed person now though, every day... even twice at times :grin:

I love washing dishes, so theraputic... I'm weird.


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Oh, god...where to start?

The mell of mildew--like on dish rags. I swear, I can smell it from half way across the room. And the smell doesn't come off your hands after washing them...multiple times.

Eggs that have not been fully cooked, so bits are still runny or they're still "wet" (scrambled eggs).

Men with long fingernails. *shudder*shudder*shudder*

The smell of chicken in the trash can after a day.

The smell of turkey when it first starts roasting.

Plastic containers that haven't been washed. They don't have to sit for along time--lunch time til when I get home is enough to squick me out.


Cat barf.

Edit to add: The smell of dogs that's left on your hands/clothes/whatever after you touch one. Hate, hate, HATE dog smell. Worse if they're wet, but hate regular dog smell. And it leaves your hands feeling strange. Eeew.

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