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The smell, taste and texture of ripe bananas. *gack!*

(Currently fighting the gag reflex after having eating one for lunch. I didn't want to throw it away. I should have. *shudder*)


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I've just done some Refrigerator Archaeology. Some of those science experiments were frightening. Who knew mold came in such a variety of colors and textures?


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Do you ever have that one piece of fruit (citrus is the worst offender) in a bowl of what was supposed to be fresh fruit which decides to mold overnight, and the stench is overwhelming...and it takes an hour to locate the source because who expects 'fresh' fruit to do that? Big-time eww.....


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Only this year have I fallen in to the habit of letting things in the fridge actually start to grow mold. The thing about living with a man is that the food never stays in there long enough for that to happen. lol alas I do not.
Driving in car with friend (many years ago)

Friend: Your windshield is so dirty, but it's been raining pretty frequently. I don't understand.
Me: <sneezes violently and repeatedly>
Friend: !!!

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