Excellent Latin Showdance!


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Is freestyle a new thing? Or has it been going on for some time?
I do not recall ever seeing it outside the Latin American and Classic Showdance categories. I'm thinking this may be the former, nut if not than it is not something with which I was previously familiar.

What did you like about this? I am curious, that's all.
In short, as a showdance I think they use the music in a very clever manner, and execute what they are trying to do quite well. They are not overly-reliant on a specific "theme" for the routine, nor are they counting on narration to bring the audience along for the journey. Overall it is well danced, with good emotional connection, and it is not one of those pieces where you can either (a) use almost any song for the same choreography, or (b) almost predict the choreography based on the music. So, in a nutshell, they kept me engaged with clever musicality and interesting contrasts of movement.

Now I'm curious... what are your thoughts?
Hey, this is great, started watch the latin and now into the standard. I saw this kind of dance in Japan about 4-5 years ago. very entertaining, they had theme costumes, like western, james bond, etc. somehow i wasnt able to see anymore of this type of performance so I am very glad for this thread!

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