Exercise/Diet Support Group

Throughout these boards I have seen and participated in several discussions regarding exercise/diet and staying motivated. It seems there is a need for an exercise/diet support group where members (myself included) can turn to for encouargement and support while trying to get set in an exercise routine or clean up eating habits.

What better way to answer the call than create a special post just for this reason! I personally will use this board to post/track the following information.

1. Indicate exercise/diet goal
2. Share plan of action to obtain goal
3. Update on progress daily (or whenever I have the opportunity to check in)
4. Hold dear the encouragement from fellow members

All the best!
Goal - I would like to be in the "habit" of exercising at least five out seven days of the week. Part of that exercise routine should include stretching to increase flexibility and tummy toners so I can enjoy flat, strong abs.

Reward - In addition to looking healthier and feeling great, after one full month of this routine, I will reward myself by seeing the new dance movie "You Got Served" which releases on January 30 followed by my next reward which will be seeing the movie "Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2" which will be released February 13.

Plan - My new routine begins today! I plan to exercise M-F in the evening with a new beginners Pilates set I received for Christmas. In addition to the Pilates routine, I will do two sets of fifteen crunches, bicycle twists, leg lifts and side crunches.

Progress - I will begin tonight.


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Those are great goals, dancersdreamland. I know you can do it!

Have you tried the Pilates routine yet? Pilates is pretty ab-intensive. You may not need the crunches.
I haven't tried it yet as I received it for Christmas and have been batteling that cold...Tonight is the first time I'll use it and I am really excited. It's working with a few different bands/straps.

I didn't realize Pilates was ab intensive. Very cool! I'll see how it goes tonight and then decide whether or not to add the crunches.

Thanks for the info and encouragment.
Goal - To be bakc to a happy healthy normal attratic weight

Reward - Pretty self explanatory I will be happy and healthy
Plan - Have been dping atkins and weighttraining since June added in dancing in September
Progress - lost 40lbs and 9in from waist have 4" to go from waist but no ideas about how many pounds I will could be anywhere between 30-60lbs. I seem to be losing a higher proportion of fat to muscle on atkins rather than the 50/50 ratio so I have been losing more dress sizes that the scale would indicate
Ok I id for fun on a website to figure out my fat percentages and look at the results I got

Estimate #1 based on height and weight
Your "Ponderal Index" is 11.18 which gives an estimated body fat of 50.3% (90.1 pounds of fat)

Estimate #2 based on waist size and weight
Estimated body fat of 6.4% (11.4 pounds of fat)
LOL your like my husband he always says yes to every and or question.

I went back and found a more comprehesive methpod of calculating usin hips/waist/neck and came out with a figure of 33% which sounds about right since an ideal for a women is 22%
Hi DDL (not DDD, I got it right this time),

This is a great idea! I've got a little diet/fitness experience to share with others, but this is a good way for me to get into better shape too!

A few thoughts though - sometimes doing a daily logging of your progress can be very self defeating. While creating a journal for your thoughts and goals is great - I actually recommend only doing measurements and such once a week.

Your body can fluctuate a lot and you usually won't see real, permanent results on a day to day basis. Also, if some people are like me, I have gained as much as 20 pounds in a single weekend...ugh, the two edged sword of my very slow metabolism... :oops:

Its a bit tough for me since I have the drive and the knowledge to get in shape, but my body has been telling me "slow down and seek repairs" for a while now so I have to take things slowly. But, I will share some of my goals here since you did. :)

My Goals:

1. Get my waist down to 34 inches (or lower), so I'd have to lose 6" from where I'm currently at. From my research and studies with myself, I have found one inch of waistline to equal 3-4 pounds. So, if I lose 6 inches, then I should near my target weight of 175. I was nearly there last year until I got thrown off track...but I haven't been able to continue that level of training since then.

2. This may sound weird, but I would like to increase my upper body to be more muscular to balance out my lower half. I have an extremely well developed set of legs...but my chest and arms by contrast are small. So...my goal is to have my biceps match the size of my calves (16"), so I'd have to gain about 2 inches there. I'd also like to get my chest from 40" to 44" or so. And hopefully, developing my upper body will cause my upper back and neck to stop working so hard since they have become muscle bound from being overdeveloped. I think I may need a fitness trainer for this one...since one wrong move and my neck will freeze up.

I know with a lot of determination that I can get past this hurdle and do it! Just by following a few principles - jogging, eating balanced meals, not eating too much or too late and some weight training...I've done it before and I can do it again. :)

It may be a few weeks before I can really start, but I'll still be on the sidelines cheering you and everyone on! :p

I think I've posted this link before, but I'll post it here just in case. It's a great site, just go, look at the right hand column for what you want to work out, click on it, and it'll give you whatever excercises are good for that, videos of how they're done properly (so you don't end up hurting yourself), and detailed descriptions of which muscles are worked, so you can avoid overtraining a particular muscle group.

Erick, make sure you're not overtraining (make sure if you're working it out hard, have at least 5 recovery days before training that muscle again) when trying to work your upper body out, as that will only make it take longer. (your goals are actually quite high, and will probably take several months to reach without steroids) Your measurements for your arms and chest are actually pretty good, I'd recommend lowering your body fat percentage before trying to increase size. You might find you're more proportioned after doing that.

If anyone wants more info about working out, just ask me, I know a fair bit about it, and what I don't know, I can usually find fairly quickly.


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As I think I've mentioned somewhere before, I was a gym rat back at the end of my high school years (full on 2/day, 6 days on/1 day off cycles, etc.), and have recently started getting back into the whole nutrition and workout game so, like Devin, have some background if there are any questions floating about. Exercise theory, nutrition, and supplementation have progressed a lot since back when, so I've done some major research as I started back to the gym...
tasche said:
Goal - To be bakc to a happy healthy normal attratic weight

Reward - Pretty self explanatory I will be happy and healthy
Plan - Have been dping atkins and weighttraining since June added in dancing in September
Progress - lost 40lbs and 9in from waist have 4" to go from waist but no ideas about how many pounds I will could be anywhere between 30-60lbs. I seem to be losing a higher proportion of fat to muscle on atkins rather than the 50/50 ratio so I have been losing more dress sizes that the scale would indicate
This is normal and healthy. Muscle ways more than fat, as you develop muscle and lose fat you'll naturally lose inches at a faster rate than pounds.

To say it shortly, the scale lies. Use your inches to measure how much progress you are really making (and do I need to mention that dress sizes lie also?). Its all about resculpting your body.

Resistance exercise is an important and oft overlooked facet for getting in shape... most people think that enough aerobic work will do the job... not so much. Muscles burn calories, with a proper plan your muscles will increase your metabolism to the point that yuou burn calories even in your sleep... gotta love the machine that is the human body.


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Amen to that, dnice. I gave up setting weight loss goals right about the time I started lifting weights. My body composition changed so dramatically that I gained eight pounds, but dropped two dress sizes. So that just goes to show me not to pay attention to either one LOL!

I set my goals in terms of strength, flexibility, and stamina. Everything else comes along for the ride.
Hi Devin,

Hmm, it would be great to talk with you more about this. Like SD I spent many hours in a gym, I did weightlifting in high school and then college - and I pushed myself hard but but got great results - its also one of the methods I used to lose a lot of weight. When I graduated HS I weighed close to 300 pounds...and by the time I was 21 I was down to 155...but I lost the last 20 pounds due to strict dieting and I was unhappy as heck.

I know my goals are a bit high...but I used to have biceps even larger than that at one time...and trust me my lower half is extremely large due to my bone density and many years of intense Chinese MA exercises, like one legged squats at the like. But that's where the problems came in...I got into some bad training habits, and as such developed my upper Trapezius and SCM so much that its caused the problems I have now. I've had several physical therapists comment they've never seen anything like it before...but trust me it isn't a lot of fun. :oops:

Sounds like we have a lot of knowledge to pool together here. My main experience lies in nutrition and weight loss and various diets with pros and cons of each (I really think the term diet is wrong - you have to change your life to change your body). Macrobiotics, Veganism, The Zone, Fat Flushers, Warrior Diet, Raw Vegetable Juice - I have tried these any many others over the years and all have contributed something to how I live my life now. So if anyone has questions, feel free to ask. :)

I also agree wholeheartily about not relying too much on a scale - while I talk about weight a lot, what I really watched was my pant size. I used to wear a size 50 jeans...then went from that to a 32...(38 now)...sounds like that song "Half the man I used to be." :wink:

One thing I used to do though, was to buy a pair of pants that I liked that was a size (or two) too small. My "friends" in college used to laugh at me when I did this...but I would stick with my training until the pants fit well. They didn't laugh so much after that. :p
Scorpionguy, I don't know your specific situation, but just from the measurements you posted it sounded like you might have a slightly high body fat percentage (18-20%). Go to the link I posted earlier to figure out your percentage. It's best to get your body fat percentage where you want it, and where you intend to keep it, first, and then worry about proportioning. Otherwise you could get everything proportioned, then lose the fat, and no longer be proportioned.

PS. I don't mean to be insulting when I say you might have higher body fat.


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Just for the record, target body fat percentages for men and women are different. 18 to 20% is quite a reasonable body fat percentage for a woman. At my former gym, an all women's gym, the exercise physiologist told me that they expected most healthy women to be the 18- 24% range. I'm at about 19% now, and really don't want to go much lower. Well, okay maybe a little bit lower. :lol:
d nice said:
(and do I need to mention that dress sizes lie also?)
I think I've ranted about this before... not only do they compress muliple measurements into one number, the sizes are inconsistant from manufacturer to manufacturer and change over time as well.

the mirror is a lot more relyable than the scale-- the scale doesn't consider how a person is packaged... just their gravitational pull.

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