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Yeah. The diet that works for you is a very personal thing.

And WOW! I'm sending you a cyber pat on the back. That's a huge weight loss. You must feel great! I bet you look great too. :D

I got used to the Weight Watchers points system after a couple weeks -- I STARVED the first couple weeks. But I quit WW because (No offense to any WW people here) I thought there was WAY too much focus on food. People would sit around for the whole hour swapping recipes and talking about what they ate or didn't eat. To me, a constant focus on NOT eating is just as bad as constantly eating, from a psychological perspective.

For a diet to work for me, it's gotta be balanced and fit into my life. I don't want to have to constantly think about food, or points, or whatever.

And about carrots -- the sugar buster girl wanted me to eat NONE. Which I think is nuts. If I can't eat ONE carrot, there's something wrong with that diet.
Hi all, I found this forum when I was researching for a nutrition project for my highschool dance class. It was this forum that prompted me to join here, but I really like it, so I'm really happy.

Anywho, on-topic, about this weight-loss thing.
I fully understand wanting to lose weight (I wouldn't mind losing a little bit myself) and you guys are the most sensible about it that I've ever heard of.

One thing that you have to remember is that muscle weighs more than flab, so your scales aren't directly related to your size. (that thought really comforts me, even though I don't know what I weigh... I figure it's a lot :) )
Welcome to the forums, Shield Maiden!

That's a good point about muscle. There is also a common misconception that working out with weights will make you look bigger. While it is certainly possible to lift with heavier weights to build mass, many people who lift weights actually do it to increase their ability to burn fat. It takes energy to fuel your muscles (moreso than fat). By having more muscle you will naturally burn fat at a faster rate (even while resting!)


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Welcome to df Shield Maiden!! :) Your point about muscle and fat is a good one, and I don't know my weight too!! It does not seem to be a big deal to me. I like the way I look, I fit the clothes that I have very well and so I don't bother. :)

You seem to have a wide variety of interests! :) That's cool!! What sort of dance do you do.
Yes indeed Sheild Maiden! In the past few weeks I've been dancing so much that I've lost 2 inches off my waist...my clothes are fitting great but my weight has actually gone up!

Don't let the scale get the better of you...sometimes getting rid of it for a while can be a good thing. :wink:
wow, thanks everyone! you guys are great! I have new information from my aunt about dieting that my parents and I are trying to stick to now, about GI's. apparently if foods have a low Glycemic (or something similar) index they contain slow-burning fat/energy that will last for longer, which is good for dancers before a strenuous class. All I can remember is that stuff like sweet potatoe and multi-grain bread is good.

Yeah, i do have a wide range of interests, basically I like good stuff! lol, I do dancing just at school at the moment, but I'm in my last year at high school so I don't really have time for much out of school. right now we're doing jazz, contemporary and a little bit of video clip dancing. later in the year we're going to do some Latin dancing though, that should be fun.
Hi Sheild Maiden,

Firstly, welcome to Dance Forums! :p

Yes, Gylcemic Index is an important component of learning how your body reacts to certains foods. Diabetics know this one very well. If your blood sugar is very sensitive, you want to avoid the foods that are very high on the scale, like sugar, french breads and most starchy products. How certain levels affect you varies person to person...for instance I don't eat white starchy breads or pasta...but there are some companies with great bread that is quite low on the GI. Rye is one grain that is much lower than wheat...so Rye Crisps are always good in that regard.

Some people can handle/need more carbs, others can't/don't. If I want to keep the weight off, its mainly fruit/veggie based carbs, lots of protein and good fats. Its also one of the reasons I don't like going to lunch at Olive Garden...they are high on the carbs like you're cattle for slaughter...protein? What's that? :D


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Given discussions in the "Dancers in the gym" thread, I thought it might be appropriate to resurrect this thread. I know I could use the support. I'm sure others on here can as well. :)

I'll start...

I joined a gym, and have worked out every day this week but one. I lined up a couple of workout buddies to help keep me motivated. I started waking up at the crack of dawn to work out, since I never have time in the evenings. I've dramatically changed my diet to include a lot more fruit, veggies, yogurt, low fat protein like ground turkey, and lots and lots of water. My first short term goal is 5 lbs away and counting...

Now all I need is to make sure that I stay on track, stay focused, stay motivated, and don't let my laziness and cravings get the best of me.
anyone wants to update us ?

Totally forgot to go to yoga last night and i always miss wednesday yoga class due to another activity,so really wanted to go........got so distracted by dance related stuff. Good excuse ?

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