fake tan and make up again


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I go back and forth about tanning. It depends on what your complexion is the begin with, what color you're wearing, how much skin you're revealing, and lots of other factors. I will say that *most* open-level dancers tan, with standard dancers tanning the least. However, some don't, or at least don't appear to, and it's clearly not affecting their results (thinking of a few champ-level finalists at this past MAC).

Personally, I'm already darker, being Asian, and while tanning gets me into comp mode, I don't think of it as a necessity. I really just hate doing it, even though I like the outcome. So, I save it for bigger competitions and don't bother for other ones. I also don't think it affects marks as much as other aesthetic things might (outfit, makeup, hair). I know judges tell everyone to tan, but ultimately, if your dancing is good enough, not tanning won't hurt you. If you are in the middle of the pack or if they're deciding between you and someone equally good but better groomed than you, then yes, it may make that bit of a difference.


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Thank you for your answers! That's kinda what I was thinking should happen. I had a discussion with someone I know and that's basically what I told them. She disagrees but the important part is that my partner agrees. Luckily, I don't need to worry about tanning because I happen to have a year round tan. :p


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On the thread topic, at what point in someone's competitive career should they start fake tanning? Does the style or gender matter or it's an across the board threshold?
I started tanning more for collegiate Latin/Rhythm when I'd started with a new coach and before our first comp, he pointed at me and said "I don't want to see any pale legs, whitey." Never looked back.


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For the people that have not tanned before ballroom, how did you feel about having to tan? And what about make up for men? I know some guys do it but not quite sure how prevalent it is amongst male competitors since men never talk about it


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I didn't tan before dance, and tbh I love it. I start a couple of nights beforehand and it really gets me into comp mode and it gets me excited! I love putting the tan on at night and waking up a whole different person.

As for man makeup...not a man, but my ex-partner was strongly against both that and tanning. The result was that he looked like a blank ghost, especially compared to me. I think its a great idea to wear makeup...even just bronzer, but heck, why not contour your face, fill in your brows, etc?
Adding on to mindputtee's answer, I'd say that both style and gender matter primarily because amount of skin matters. Latin dancers typically show more skin than standard dancers, and they typically tan more. In each style, if the lady is showing more skin (e.g., bare back in a standard gown, while the guy is in a tailsuit), she'll probably want to tan while he may not need to.
Too true. Last comp, my latin partner wore a dress with ever so slightly more fabric than a bikini while I wore a shirt with a crew neck.

Needless to say, one of our tans was waaaaaaaay more important.
Lioness pretty much summed up why I, a guy who didn't know what fake tanner was before ballroom*, like tanning. It just gets me in the zone and feels like I'm putting the extra effort in to show well at the competition.

As for makeup, I don't mind it for a couple reasons: 1) I notice and appreciate the effect 2) I'm pretty good at it (reinforces confidence) 3) it's kind of like a throwback to grade school art class compared to my Excel and PowerPoint heavy day job.

*Thanks, Google!!


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It just gets me in the zone and feels like I'm putting the extra effort in to show well at the competition.

I think it's also a courtesy to your partner, too, to do whatever it takes to show well.

So in my opinion, if the man is pale, he should tan...especially if his partner also tans.

And I don't think it's necessary to go dark (sometimes I think people look too dark, actually)...but just a couple of shades darker/more golden than pale white go a long way.

Now if they both want to not tan, then that's a different story. But I'm thinking all these decisions should be made as a team.


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Found this awesome eye makeup tutorial. Have recently realised I have super small/slightly hooded eyes, and I've never been able to do most eye makeup looks I find online.


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I tan for latin and rhythm Much less for smooth and standard with a light coat of powder over it on my face

Agree men should tan out of respect for their partner and increase their level of commitment to the art
The Kiss glue-on nails are pretty good and you can find them in any drugstore.
Seconded!!! I was actually able to put on my Karinas while wearing them and none of them popped off. But definitely use more glue than you think, both on your natural nail and the temporary one :D


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I use the Kiss nails, and I also buy brush-on nail glue. I never use the kind that comes with the nails. I paint the inside of the nail, then I paint my nail bed, press them together, and voila! Never lost a nail.


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What's the difference between stay on and glue on Kiss nails?
I don't know about Kiss, but generally "stay on" nails to me means acrylics that are applied at a salon and are not meant to be removed except professionally and are filled in every month or so. "Glue on" means the package you buy at CVS and glue on yourself and will come off in a week or two (or 10 minutes if you're me... sigh)

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