Family Support for Dancing

I'm not at the point of having performances yet, but my parents love to watch me dance if they show up early to pick me up (deliberately early... ) after dancing, or if we're out and one of the guys decides 'hey, time to dance!'. They also don't mind helping me pay for it, because it's really helping my fitness.
Support from parents? Whats that? My mother always wanted me to go into ballet since I am totally built for it, I went into Martial Arts. My mother was into the Scarlett O'Hara dresses etc. so she would have loved the ballroom dresses. I was into horses, track and field, bowling and martial arts so there was no chance of any support. I actually went quite far in these sports but my parents could not care less. If I was into ballroom when my mother was alive I really think it would have been quite different a different story as I would have been into something that interested her.

After my mother died my father and I both got into ballroom dancing but I can't say he was cheering me on, but our family was pretty cold that way and I got to say, I was the same. At my dad's last comp I told him I was proud of him and paid to have his dances filmed as a surprise for him. I'm glad I did because he was killed in an accident not long afterward. I will be eternally grateful that I broke the family coldness and let him know how I felt and supprted him. The look on his face when I gave him the video and told him how proud of him I was made me wonder why I was ever so stupid to not have done it before.

Perhaps that is a lesson. We should stand by each other and cheer each other on no matter what because you never know. Think how bad you would feel if you did not support your family member and something happened to them. You would never be able to be there for them again nor say you were sorry that the support was not given.
Rugby- so sorry to hear about your dad. such a cool thing that you have the video and that ballroom time to remember.
My mother also passed away before i started dancing. But I know that she would be ecstatic about it (as long as she didnt know how much money i was spending) I have 4 older brothers and only exist because my mother so wanted a little girl. however having 4 older brothers i was of course a complete tomboy and refused to even wear a dress until high school. i spent all my time at the barn wearing baggy clothes with messy hair and never really understood "girly things." I know that the dancing and the ball gowns and even the latin costumes would please my mom to no end.
Due to my previous history the rest of the family just finds it oddly amusing. they all live to far away to come watch me tho.
I was and probably still am really, a tomboy too. Like you I would rather be around the horses and cows and other animals. My dolls were Janie and Johnnie West with their ranch and horses. Barbie was way too girlie for me. She would not be able to carry her own weight and be a pansy so she was useless.

I have to say that I can still do my own repairs, get up on the roof and put down shingles or whatever else needs to be done. My horse friends can't picture me in a ballroom dress and my dance friends can't picture me as a tomboy, they think I am so divaish . I have had to show pictures to prove it.

Nice to meet another tomboy / dance diva.
I used to do alot of DYI around my house (now i dont have time with the dancing) and very early on my instructor said to me "you are so Home Depot." I told him i wasnt sure what that meant but that I was going to take it as a compliment.
Tiling is technically easy but hard on the knees. It does not mix well with self tanning. all the exfoliating in the world doesnt help the dark knees.
Only my dancing friends really support and believe in me . My family supports me in a way, but only to the extent of wanting to see a few videos of my dancing here and there, and they think it is just a hobby for me. When they found out that I was traveling over an hour and a half just to go to practice and would travel over three or four hours or more just to get lessons from some of my favorite teachers, they think I'm doing too much. They tell me that I should take a break or take it easy (why would I want to take a break from something that truly makes me happy). When I told them that I was going to a dance camp in Sweden during the summer, they looked at me like I had gone mad. I aspire to become an exceptional dancer someday. I started dancing almost a year ago and I am 31, so I have a lot of years that I want to make up for!

I wish I could say that it doesn't bother me, but it does get to you from time to time. When you are truly passionate about'll do and will endure just about anything to pursue it. I finally understand that.
My father was totally against my passion for dancing. He thinks it diverts my focus. He'd rather see my reading books rather than cleaning my dancing shoes. But my mom has supported me all the way. That was all I needed to pursuit what I love doing most. Dancing.

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