Famous people who tango?

Just a bit of frivolity

Who do you know of who dances tango as a hobby?

I can think of Clive James (wish he were Prime Minister) and I think Joeley Richardson learnt to tango for an episode of Nip/Tuck (don't know whether she took it up though).

And - for a further bit of frivolity: Who would your fantasy tango partner be (excluding professional tango dancers)... Hmm, think mine would be Bryan Ferry because he's so suave! :)

Angel HI

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There are many others, including; Arnold Schwarznegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tia Carrera, and me...OK, not so famous, but, hey...

Angel HI

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So do they have special 'famous people' milongas? ;)
Actually, a few years ago, my partner and I were in North Hollywood where we went to eat at a Hole-in-the-Wall on some corner of an indescript neighborhood. When we entered, we found shabby lighting, picnic style tables, a fair amount of noise, 2 bands (one playing only lambadas and the other only Arg. Tangos...alternatively every half hour). We also found the place to be crowded with celebs; stars, directors, writers, producers. After dancing, we were invited to one director's table, and subsequently offered a dancing role in a movie project. Unfortunately, this was on sat., they were filming on mon., but we had prior obligations across the country on tues., and had to decline.

Angel HI

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Well, we were told to go there. We were anticipating the band and the music, just not the ambiance or celebs, and, certainly, not being offerred a role. It was a fun eve.
He does... he lives in northern Virginia and has renovated his stables into a gorgeous ballroom that was featured a few years back in Architectural Digest.
Some of our tango community have been privleged enough to have been invited to dance there, but alas it was "before my time". I understand that he does not have as many milongas as he once had having caught some friction from his neighbors or something regarding them...what a shame.... it would have been fun.

I think I read that Robert de Niro does tango.

Angel HI

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Made up?

Did I miss the memo? Is today "Dump On Angel Day"? I was just sharing a fun night in CA in response to milongas involving celebs, etc.

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