Famous people who tango?

Oooo-errr. Okay, Angelina Jolie (to lead) and James McEvoy (to follow)...BUT...the nearest I get to "well known" is a chap I often dance with who starred alongside Hugo Weaving in "V" for Vendetta. Regulars to Negs and the Dome may have seen him strutting his cool self. :cool:

p.s. Robert Duval dances tango
Angelina Jolie? Eek - you must be tall! I'm afraid I'd be stuck with Kylie! Tango-ing with Mr Tumnus, eh? ;)

V for Vendetta - only ones I know are Stephen Rea, Stephen Fry (heart him) and Rupert Graves.

Saw Assassination Tango a couple of years ago - can't remember much about it, thought he seemed more ballroom though.....
Quite!! If that's the case I've danced with Giraldo, Ivan, David, Pablo, Kicca's partner (name escapes me), Eduardo, etc.

Read yesterday Prince Charles has announced he is a fan of Tango and is keen to learn.
You've danced with Veron? Take it you mean the dancer, not the footballer ;) Ooooh my word!! *insert fainting smilie* One of my fave ever tango moments - the scene in The Tango Lesson where they dance to Zum in the cafe.

Prince Charles: Are you going to offer your services? :cool:


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Sally Potter, of course. She ditched her movie directing career for a while to do shows with Veron. I don't know if they are still together, though.
You've danced with Veron? Take it you mean the dancer, not the footballer ;)
Prince Charles: Are you going to offer your services? :cool:
Yes, as in Pablo, but I would've rather the footieplayer - much cuter.

Bonny Prince Charlie is busy sunning himself up (with Cam) at the moment (and a few short kilometers away from my Mah & Dah) in glorious Jamaica. He'll be too reggae'd and buffed up to want to do anything as studiously serious as tango now. That's a dead cert:cowboy:


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Oh my, however did I miss out on this fun little thread?

And - for a further bit of frivolity: Who would your fantasy tango partner be (excluding professional tango dancers)... Hmm, think mine would be Bryan Ferry because he's so suave!

Oh, the choices! But, I think Christopher Walken would be fun. He's earned a special place in my heart not only as a generally cool guy who turns up in most of the oddball garbage I watch, but this Fatboy Slim video is just the greatest!


How can you not want to dance tango with the guy after watching that?

Aw, come on... you know he's cool. ;)

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